Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blog Break

So clearly I have been crazy busy. Last weekend and in the weeks previous I was preparing for my BFF's wedding. She got married on 6/1/14 and it was beautiful. She and her new husband had a bridal army (a 14-person bridal party!) set up and tear down the little country fire hall for her reception in two days for 200 people. It was an awesome time and I would do it all over again for her. Not gonna lie though... I am still exhausted! You can see my wedding day mani on instagram here. Picture polish Majesty was the perfect wedding polish, since I had to pick just one awesome color that I could apply at the hotel the night before.

In the midst of these wedding festivities our tenet upstairs moved out. I realized only a couple weeks ago that our 14-day gap between tenants (June 1st-15th) was going to be the best (and yet the worst) time to gut our bathroom and remodel, since we can use the bathroom in the upstairs unit. It is such a pain running up and down stairs but much better than moving into our parents' house for who knows how long. My husband ripped down the walls the day before we had to leave out of town and finished by cutting up the jacuzzi tub (that was a not-properly-installed-moldering-deathtrap) the day we came back. You can see a picture on my instagram of the bathroom guts here. Currently my husband's uncle is working on electrical and hopefully a floor today. My cats are freaked out by the power tools and hiding. I also made banana muffins this morning.

So anyway, I'm on a bit of a blogging break but thought I should give y'all a heads up, because I'm still here with tons of polish to wear and share. Instagram is probably the best place to see what I'm doing while I'm less active on the blog!

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