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I am a 20-something gal (okay fine, I'm closer to 30 now) addicted to polish. I am happily married to a wonderful husband who has been so patient with my polish obsession. We have two kitties named Losson and Fiona; they are our children. I work full time as a licensed master social worker and polish is my escape and self-care.

I love indie brands. My favorite polish colors are green, blue, and anything in between. Skittles are my favorite kind of nail art. I have complete anxiety when it comes to nail art... which is why I like to try them on one nail in a skittle mani before conquering a whole hand!

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If you'd like to see your polish on my nails or would like  me to review other polish or hand care related products, you can contact me at shelbylounails AT gmail DOT com.
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