Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SquareHue Rovaniemi Review

Purchased By Shelby Lou (Hex Nail Charm)
Press Sample (SquareHue Polishes) 

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You will notice I rounded out my nails this weekend. I'm not sure how I feel about them, but this attempt at rounding has been more successful than past ones haha. Square/Squoval is just so much easier to shape. I lost two corners this weekend though that I couldn't work into the squoval. Oh well!

Today I have a review of the December 2014 Box: Rovaniemi. I was so flippin' excited when I opened the box and even more so when I realized there were three different finishes inside. I also appreciate that this last installment of The Passport Collection is a town on the Arctic Circle where Santa Claus visits during the holidays! So did the polishes live up to this nail polish/childhood mash-up I concocted in my head?

SquareHue Sampokeskus
12.14 Rovaniemi
The Passport Collection
First is Sampokeskus, a pale gold textured microglitter. These are Finnish names I can't even begin to pronounce, so I am just going to affectionately refer to this one as Sam. I had to swatch this one twice. The first time I didn't anticipate how quickly it would dry. I tried to do a thin first coat but that ended up a clumpy mess. The second time I did two medium-thick coats. Once I got over that application hurdle I was pretty pleased with Sam. It is a unique shade of gold and looked lovely on. Now I could not personally wear this because the texture is quite rough, but I think texture lovers would enjoy it.

SquareHue Revontuli
12.14 Rovaniemi
The Passport Collection
Revontuli is an evergreen suede. This application was rough. I had to redo this swatch because I got a lumpy mess the first time. When I applied this the second time I started with a ridge-filling basecoat and applied a medium-thick coat. Then I repeated the ridge-filler and did a last thick coat. And I also dumped a little of the polish and added a ton of thinner. This is a really fast-drying formula, much more like a plain old matte. It drags and clumps so easily. It's not often a polish application makes me want to scream but this one did. It looked passable but not as good as I would like. Revontuli, oh how much I wanted to love you... but alas I cannot. Especially when I have Zoya Veruschka which applies like butter. Hey, the little Hex Nail Jewelry tree is cute though!

SquareHue Joulupukin Pajakyla
12.14 Rovaniemi
The Passport Collection
Joulupukin Pajakyla is a blue-toned red jelly with red microglitter shimmers. I am going to nickname this one JP haha. I did three easy coats of this beauty, clean-up was easier than I anticipated with the red because of the jelly-type formula. Is it unique? In my collection it is. I like the subtle microglitter shimmer of it very much and it was easy to apply. I think I might be wearing this one to work tomorrow!

So a bit of a mixed review here. To have two polishes with application issues kind of makes this box a fail. This really mystifies me though, because when I subscribed in 2013 I can't remember any formula issues with their polishes (you can check out previous posts about SquareHue on my blog here). All I can think is the mattes threw them off their game. I'm sad that I have to post about this experience for a review when I had 12 good months last year! I'm still personally thinking about starting up my subscription for 2015. We will see what the nail budget brings. Any other SquareHue subscribers or veterans out there? Thoughts?


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