Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Zoya Naturel Satins for Spring 2015

Press Sample 

I have some exciting news! Two of my BFFs are expecting this year. I knew one was having a girl and we just found out my other friend is having a boy yesterday. Basically I get to have a niece and a nephew this year! I've never been baby-crazy, but seeing my friends so happy and getting to be an auntie just has me so jazzed. Yes. Jazzed.

Speaking of babies, I've been kind of a baby about swatching the Zoya Naturel Satins, but I finally have them to show you guys today. I promised myself I would do these before I did the Delight samples and it's only been over two months haha. The bottom line is: I dislike mattes. Yeah yeah, these are satins, but they are not shimmery or glossy and that how I like my nail polish.

Application was essentially the same for all of the Satins. I started with a thick coat of ridge-filling basecoat, as one does for any matte polish. The formula is thick and creamy and surprisingly opaque. They start to set fairly quickly so it is important to be fast, steady, and decisive in your application--any little mis-stroke will show. This can be corrected on your second thick coat which is all that is needed for opacity, but if you need to smooth things out you can do a third coat. I had a little trouble with Leah and Rowan not self-leveling very well, which none of them really did but these especially, but I'm not sure if that was the formula or user error.

I am not happy with some of my swatches, however, I also did not want to baby the polishes too much so that I had an inaccurate experience to share. I have the swatches shown as intended without topcoat and then with topcoat. Color descriptions are right from Zoya's website.

Zoya Ana
"light toasted almond" satin
I swear this is the same polish.

Zoya Brittany
"rose mauve" satin

Zoya Leah
"lavender tinged taupe" satin

Zoya Rowan
"suede taupe" satin

Zoya Tove
"misty slate gray" satin

Zoya Sage
"mossy sage" satin

For me personally, I love the colors. So perfectly dusty! However if I was trying to apply these three years ago I would have thrown them across the room because there is no way I would have made them look even halfway decent. Having applied so much polish over the years I did alright, and the finish is quite pretty from normal viewing distance. I would like to add topcoat to these before they set to smooth them out, or use them as a base for nail art or glitters.

I would say if you loves mattes, satins, or other novel textures, definitely give one or two of these a try. If you are going to do just one manicure instead of swatching six I think the experience would not be nearly has frustrating haha! Give yourself some practice time and plenty of dry time and you can have a lovely satin manicure. I'll be sure to share mine on instagram at least when I do!

Zoya Naturel Satins

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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