Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zoya Veruschka with Hex Nail Jewelry

Zoya recently re-released some of their Matte Velvet shades. I don't remember if I saw it on a blog or on Zoy'as facebook, all I know is as soon as I found out I was buying all four shades 10 seconds later. I have been dying for Veruschka for so long and now she is mine! I will be showing you two other shades tomorrow, Veruschka needed her own post.

Zoya Veruschka is a perfect hunter green matte suede. Please excuse the lobster hands, you know what greens do to hands in photos!

I used a nice thick basecoat, Zoya Get Even ridge-filling basecoat. For mattes and suedes this is definitely a must for a flawless finish since you can't use a topcoat to smooth it out. I have also found Zoya works best for me when I use only their basecoats and topcoats with their polish.

While Veruschka was perfectly beautiful, I just got a second order of Hex Nail Jewelry and really wanted to play with them so I added Hex's "Christmas Tree." I have several Hex charms now and I am so pleased with the quality and detail. I anchor mine on with nail glue and for extra staying power, if needed, you can put a topcoat on as well. Obviously I did not use topcoat here, just dabbed on some nail glue with a toothpick and placed it with tweezers.

Here is Veruschka with topcoat. You can really see how much shimmer is in the formula to give it depth whether matte or shiny.

 I wanted to lick my nails, they just looked so damn perfect. I love this for a winter or holiday manicure, understated but so chic!

The Matte Velvets are sold out, did anyone else grab some?
Have you tried Hex yet?

Links for selected products:
Hex Nail Jewelry
Zoya Nail Polish

I hope you've shown your cuticles some love today!


  1. This color is so many levels of fantastic and the swatches are amazing!

  2. Ugh I missed out on this and I really want it now!

    1. Bloggers--creating new lemmings everywhere hehe

  3. I got all 4 matte for free last week during flash sale

    1. No way! Lucky! I paid full price for mine haha

  4. Love the green and the decoration


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