Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Box, Indied: February 2014

So I just found out I have jury duty AGAIN. Seriously, I am 27 and this is my third subpoena are you really f-ing kidding me? You might be asking, how can you have been called three times because I thought it was only every seven years? Well let me explain, there is an extra-stupid bull-crap court you can get called for in between regular jury duty, I think it's federal or something. All I know is I had to be on-call last summer for three months. Screw you, Justice, I don't have time for this. Anyway, I need to stop before I give myself an aneurysm.

How about some swatches? February's A Box, Indied from Llarowe was prety epic. Here's some quick swatches.

Black Cat Lacquer
He Loves Me Not

Different Dimension
Cupid Is Stupid

Dollish Polish

Jindie Nails
Dead Roses

Colors by Llarowe
Yo, Cupid, Take A Hike!

March's A Box, Indied is launched today. It's a Mardi Gras theme and has my favorite ever brand this time around--HARE polish!


Have you loved your cuticles today?


  1. Nice swatches, I'm really loving Dead Roses!

    1. It is great for lovers of circle glitters :-)

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL, Shelby!!! <3

  3. Cupid is Stupid is so pretty! I might need to start searching swap boards for that one.

  4. Sorry about your jury duty. But, if it makes you feel better, your nails look epic!

    1. Would it be wrong if that did make me feel better? LOL

  5. Holy Moly... cupid is stupid is so gorgeous! Also... I really love your nails, they are just perfect. :)


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