Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Music Box: New for Spring 2014!

Hey everyone! I'm going to a craft show today with my friend, who is like a sister to me and my husband. I'm trying to plan what I am allowed to buy. I am such a sucker for homemade candles and bath and body products so I know I will end up with those at least! And maybe some jerky for the hubby :-)

I Love Nail Polish (a.k.a. ILNP) is one of the original indie/boutique brands of polish. If you've ever ordered you know how adorable the packaging is, from the mailing box to the tissue paper to the individual little boxes and polishes. Bad blogger... I didn't think to photograph any of that. I urge you to order for yourself because it's a real treat! ILNP's Spring line has some amazing colors for the season and here is my favorite: Music Box.

I Love Nail Polish
Music Box
ILNP Music Box is a lovely shade of turquoise--not quite pastel but not bright, it has a little dustiness to it. It has a holographic with a slight metallic finish and turquoise sparkle. This is one of those shades that looks simple, but there is an indescribable complexity to it that makes it easy to fall in love with. I wore this to work for five days. FIVE. And this from the girl who usually changes it daily! I didn't even do any nail art to it because it was already so perfect.

I Love Nail Polish
Music Box
I used three thin coats and topped it off with Just Ricarda Glossy Glam. I got great wear for five days and no refreshing of topcoat. Formula is excellent and easy to control. I love when I just have to do a quick acetone sweep for clean-up! Which was especially good because with all the sparkly goodness you don't want to get sparkle herpes ;-)

I Love Nail Polish
Music Box
I plan on wearing a couple more of these to show you in the coming weeks in a Spring green and pinky-coral. I can't wait to get those on my nails!

Glossy Glam

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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