Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pahlish Spam: January, February, & March Duos

You'll notice I'm back to nubs. Again. The hospital I work in now is drying my nails and cuticles so badly this winter. Ah well, slap on the polish and rock it!

Pahlish is one of my favorite indie brands. I have been getting Pahlish's duos since they started in April 2013 and I can't get enough. I was going to stop after one year so supposedly March was going to be my last duo.... But every month Pahlish's duos are just too perfect so I'm so I will continue to purchase them until the end of time. They are so affordable for indies, too--with shipping the duos cost $18.00 which is a steal for such a unique pairing. I've got the three duos for the first quarter of this year to show you today.

January 2014: One Last Bow
Eleven's Hour Is Now Over--Base
The Clock Is Striking Twelve's--Glitter Topper

Some notes about Pahlish's formula. For the polishes that are opaque I find that they can be thicker than my liking, so I do add some thinner to make doing my preferred thin coats easier. I know they must be thick because of all the goodness inside! And I tend to be thinner happy anyway since I love my thin coats.

February 2014: EXTERMINAAAATE!
a.k.a. "The Doctor Who Duo"
The Primary Order--Base
The Crucible--Glitter Topper

Pahlish's glitters are a different story--I do all of my gradients with the brush only. The glitter formulas are always perfect, nice spread, not too thick or thin, the perfect amount of glitter. You will notice this is the millionth time I've used the word perfect in this post haha! For my gradients I paint the top third of my nails and then I go over the top two-thirds of my nails. A little dabbing and you've got a perfect gradient.

March 2014: Don't Hesitate
Shadows Grow So Long--Base
Fireflies Under Pines--Glitter Topper

Have you tried Pahlish yet? I can't get enough. You have two more chances this month to get the March Duo during their restocks which occur each Friday at 7pm Central. Just a few months ago I used to take my time logging on but now I am refreshing like a crazy person to make sure I get what I want at 8pm (my time). Pahlish is getting big people, make sure you check it out! I will have some amazing holographics to show you soon.

PS: Pahlish, please just take my credit card and sign me up for your monthly duos forever!


Have you loved your cuticles today?

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