Monday, April 28, 2014

Grandma Chic Stamping & Giveaway Update!

Thank you all for the love during this awesome giveaway! I wish I could send polish to everyone but alas, I am a poor blogger. I am working on verifying entries, make sure you have your profiles and such public for me! I should be able to announce the winners tomorrow.

And because this is a nail blog, here are my Grandma Chic nails. The base color is Rescue Beauty Lunge Reveillon. It was so promising, a dusty blue with purple/pink and silver shimmer... but it had this unfortunate pearly look that screamed "Grandma!" to me. I wasn't really thrilled with the formula either so I'm glad I bought this cheap on a blog sale. It was thick but tended to pool and didn't self-level very well. This is the only RBL I've ever owned or tried, is this out of character for them? I know they are pretty expensive.

"Grandma Chic"
Shelby Lou Nails

Anyway I decided to embrace the grandma-ness it and stamp it with some fans (shells?) from MoYou London Sailor 05 (review coming soon!). I did the stamping with Pure Ice Silver Star which is the only silver stamper you'll ever need since it's perfect and cheap! I used a-england Merlin with a dotting tool to add some detail to the stamping and then I just used the brush for a gradient on my pinky. A little stud action and voila--embracing your nana's favorite wallpaper like a boss. I kinda like how it turned out, but I won't really be trying this again. Maybe chalk it up to good execution of a poor vision haha!

Have you loved your cuticles today?


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