Monday, April 14, 2014

Zoya Dillon with Love, Angeline Nail Shields

Yesterday (Sunday) I helped host one of my best friend's bridal shower. It was one of the best I've been to! Maybe because I'm in the wedding party? I am her Matron of Honor. The big day is June 1st which is just before my three-year wedding anniversary. I'm basically reliving my big year in 2011 hehe. I'm still trying to figure out what I want for my nails and I think she is letting me do hers. I think she should do a funky french with a pale purple tip or just straight up wear Picture Polish Majesty. We shall see, anyway here is what I did today!

Zoya Dillon is one of those shades that I fall for every. single. time. It is described by Zoya as "a mint green metallic with silver shimmer." The accent nail is a base of KBShimmer A Touch Of Glass and a Love, Angeline Stuck On Love Nail Shield in Mermaid Scales with one generous coat of Dillon over the top. I sealed it all with CND Air Dry for a shiny finish.

Zoya Dillon
Accent of KBShimmer A Touch Of Glass, &
Love, Angeline Nail Shield in Mermaid Scales

Dillon had a perfect formula--I expect no less, Zoya! I didn't have to do much clean-up, which is good because this has major sparkle herpes potential. I removed it with the tin-foil method to be on the safe side. A Touch Of Glass was also good. I used two coats and had enough coverage for nail art, if I wore it alone I'd probably do three.

Zoya Dillon
Accent of KBShimmer A Touch Of Glass, &
Love, Angeline Nail Shield in Mermaid Scales

Whenever I use something new for the first time I only do an accent nail. This keeps me from feeling overwhelmed haha. I've never used Stuck On Love Nail Shields before but I have to say they were amazing! I re-stuck it a few times while I got the hang of it and it still worked perfectly. I have really curvy nails and found that lining up the pattern on top of your nail then smoothing it down from the middle out worked best. I used only half of a nail shield for my accent nail (preserve all the nail shields!). You do have to "weed" them out yourself but only a few of the scales stuck and I used pointed tweezers to get them out no problem.

Overall I am so pleased with this mani! What's a color that gets you every time? Have you rocked a mermaid look yet?

Love, Angeline

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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