Monday, July 14, 2014

A happy return with Laquerlicious Lady Liberty

I'm back! Finally. I thought I would be back in time for patriotic manis, however I cleaned like a maniac that weekend and ruined all my nails. I hate my nubs but I've decided that life must go on and nails must be polished! Bathroom still needs some finishing touches (seriously, husband, can we at least put the TP holder up?) but otherwise it is gorgeous. I promise I will post before and after pictures--sometime this month. Life has generally been too busy but I have gotten a lot done around the house during my blog break. And yet I missed sharing manis and talking about polish so much.

I also had joined a giveaway awhile back, make sure you check it out and enter here. You could win a $40 gift certificate to a polish e-tailer of your choice. Holy crap, I wish I could enter!

For my comeback mani I have Laquerlicious Lady Liberty. I don't count Laquerlicious as among my favorite brands (hey, to each his own) but when I saw this I knew it must be mine. I can never have enough blue-green aqua cremes, make it a lovely crelly with warm-toned metallic glitters and I am sold.

Lacquerlicious Lady Libery
I am embracing the nubs!

My mani shows two coats. I started with a first thinner coat and a thicker second coat, both with a light touch. I stuck on my studs then used two thick coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top. Flawless formula, easy glitter distribution, and hardly any clean-up! I could wear this forever. I tried to do an awesome two-tone mani with a row of studs on my ring finger... but my nail would only fit 4 and a half studs which is not a real number in studs and it looked silly. Grow nails, grow! I mean look at that pinky, ugh. Lady Liberty is in stock now at Laquerlicious.

In regards to my nubs: I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and made a meme. I doubt I am the first to make this meme nor will I be the last haha!


Have you loved your cuticles today?

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