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Jindie Nails Recover-Me Collection

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I am so out of my swatching groove! I worked 6 days last week and I ended up being busy every day after work. Two nights my husband decided to "cook"--by taking us to a drive-in car show at an old-fashioned burger place and another night to the Italian Festival in Buffalo. He is such a good cook! We also agreed on cars we must own: a mustang (not only are they cool, they are my namesake!) and a Challenger.
Anyway, I'm happier with the length of my nails now. My pinky is still wonky from a nail tragedy a year ago, but we'll make it work. I'm not loving the angles in some of my photos but we'll make do with that, too. I feel like by my third swatch I had my mojo back ;-)

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I am so excited to share with you three shades from the Recover-Me Collection by Jindie Nails. Not only is this a beautiful collection, but it is all about addiction awareness. Addiction is a personal and professional issue to me, but I think Jen said it best:

"There are many people who have loved ones, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, children with the disease of addiction.  It's a painful thing to experience whether it's affecting you, or someone you love.  This collection is dedicated to those on all sides of addiction: Those suffering from addiction themselves, anyone who's suffering watching a loved one go through this lonely disease and to all of the very special men and women who work in addictions specialty jobs, including nurses, doctors, social worker, rehab workers and especially police officers. We all appreciate the hard work you do for this never ending battle against this incurable disease. The police officers get the worst side of addiction.  One of my very best friends I grew up with was shot and killed by a crack dealer in the line of duty serving the city I grew up in on the S.W.A.T. Team...this one's for you David, love you...This collection is also for anyone else who deserves recognition for the hard work dealing with addiction.  We all appreciate the hard work you do for this never ending battle against this incurable disease."

Jindie Nails K.I.S.S.
Recover-Me Collection
K.I.S.S. is a pink crelly absolutely loaded with copper & bronze shimmer, multi-colored flakes, pink & gold shimmer, and some red hexes for good measure. So much awesome in this polish and yet applies like a dream. I have three thin coats with some gold rings and pink pearls from Born Pretty Store. It's a little over-the-top but looks Indian to me, which I love.

Jindie Nails Higher Flower
Recover-Me Collection
Next is Higher Flower, an ultra-neon pink with real silver and multi-colored flakes as well as holographic purple and silver microglitters. I have shown two easy coats (almost no clean-up!) along with a flower stud design inspired by The Lacquered Owl. This has a stain tendency, double up on base and paint carefully. Like most neons this is a pain to photograph accurately. In order to help you decide if you need it, ask yourself these questions: Do I like pink? Do I like neon? Do I like awesomely unique polishes from Jindie Nails? If you answered yes to any of these questions, better start stalking the next restock!

Jindie Nails Just Say Glow
Recover-Me Collection
I saved my favorite for last: Just Say Glow. I would like to start out by saying this is the second time I've worn this polish for multiple days. This is unheard of and I hope you understand how amazing this must be for this to happen. Just Say Glow is a a sheer rose-gold shimmer with copper and gold shimmer and glitter. I have two coats shown over two coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. Paints on just like you see it. You can also wear it in three coats without undies and will have a little VNL. This is one of the most unique polishes in my stash and I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful this is in real life. Completely classy and gorgeous. This one is in stock still on the Jindie website, and I have no idea how. Snag yours before regret sets in! I already have a back-up bottle (I know, unheard of!).

You can purchase these polishes online at Jindie's shop. Make sure you follow her on your preferred social media platform for restock updates!

Jindie Nails

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