Monday, October 27, 2014

Guest Post from @JoyRSerio

October has been nutty for me, what is the deal? Last week I'm all minding my own business, planning on blog stuffs and training for the Red Cross... then my husband informs me I have to go test drive a couple cars he found. Since my lease is up in January I figured I wasn't allowed to whine about it. I know I'm lucky because he knows a lot of local people in the car business from working in it himself. His negotiation skills are so impressive he has legit been offered a job after talking down one of my past leases. It looks like I am going to be getting a 2007 Lincoln MKX in the deal of a lifetime. We need a larger vehicle with all the home improvement stuff we do and it's AWD for the snow. I'm not sure how I feel about it though. I've always driven cute little cars (okay except for that one time I had an Oldsmobile) and now I am going to be that obnoxious SUV driver taking up the whole road. I am also terrified of breaking it since I will be paying on it approximately forever. And does it look like a pimp-mobile to anyone else? 

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Today I have a guest post from my real-life nail polish bestie, Joy. We actually met because she works with my mother-in-law and it ends up we actually enjoy each others' company. And hey, we can talk about nail polish for hours! I met her around the same time I was thinking about starting a blog, and she encouraged me to just go for it. So I did! She has been a great source of support and a wonderful friend. I'm so excited to see her nails in blog format.


So, first of all, I want to congratulate my girl Shelby on her one year Blogiversary!  I was lucky enough to meet my nail obsessed friend through a co-worker and am so proud of what she has done in the first year of her blog!

I am not a blogger, but am thoroughly nail obsessed. I prefer the Instagram thing (feel free to follow me @JoyRSerio) as I just love posing pictures. For those of you that don't know me, I am an indie whore. I became obsessed a little over two years ago and ever since rarely buy mainstream. I'm also a Disney geek and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. So when I was shown the "Halloween at the Park" duo by Sweet Heart Polish and Polish TBH, I knew I had to have it and bought it right away!

Both of these indies are new to me. I happened to have one of each brand in my untrieds and I'm going to have to get those on my nails after trying these out!  I bought the duo through Sweet Heart Polish and I had these in my hot little hands three days after ordering (even though they shipped from California to NYS). Quick shipping is huge to me, once I need a polish, I NEED THAT POLISH! I'm sure every single one of you can relate.

I absolutely loved everything about these polishes. Mickey's Sweet Treat is a clear base packed with white Mickey heads and an assortment of white, yellow and various orange glitter stars, hexes, squares and circles. My husband said it is the perfect candy corn polish. It looks amazing both with shiny top coat and matte, but. I prefer the matte.

Sweet Heart Polish - Mickey's Sweet Treat
"Halloween at the Park" duo with Polish TBH

Sweet Heart Polish - Mickey's Sweet Treatwith Butter London Matte topcoat
"Halloween at the Park" duo with Polish TBH

Not So Scary Halloween had me sold on the name! Halloween at Magic Kingdom is one of our favorite events! Polish TBH nailed it here! From the black jelly to those orange glitters to the. Mickey heads and everything in between, it represents the party perfectly!

Polish TBH - Halloween at Magic Kingdom
"Halloween at the Park"duo with Sweet Heart Polish

Polish TBH - Halloween at Magic Kingdomwith Butter London Matte topcoat
"Halloween at the Park"duo with Sweet Heart Polish

Both polishes were easy to apply, turning the bottles upside down for ten minutes prior to painting helped me avoid "fishing" for Mickey glitter. The only drawback to this duo is I now wish I was going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party this year! It's really not so scary!

This duo is priced at $20 plus shipping and can be found at:


Thank you, Joy, for taking the time to do a guest post for me! I love these Halloween polishes and that I got to see a new-to-me brand on my blog...maybe she will let me borrow them next October. Joy microblogs on instagram, make sure you check her out. She mostly posts indie polish (macros and matte!) as well as some cats, selfies on good-make-up-and-hair days, sports, and food pics sprinkled in. I am so glad to have met this girl and I hope you enjoyed her nails as much as I do!

Bonus mani pic!
Niagara Hallowine Trail 2014
Have you loved your cuticles today?

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