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How I Take It Off...!

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I just couldn't resist the innuendo ;-)
I feel like I do need to add a disclaimer before this post: I am not a licensed nail tech and this is just how I do my removal. I use layman's terms even though I have learned technical names. You may or may not be able to get the same results or I might be unaware of some horribly unsafe thing I'm doing. Anyway...

We all love our pretties, but removal can be a real pain in the @$$. Luckily you don't need to dread even the most saturated, sparkly, and glittery polishes out there any longer. I change my polish a few times a week (it used to be daily!). I found that the tin foil method was best to prevent not only arduous scrubbing but all kinds of cuticle staining and glitter/shimmer/flakie herpes (OPI Eurso Euro is still one of my favorite polishes but HOLY CARP it's a stainer). I quickly came to hate tin foil. It doesn't tear in straight lines and one time when I tried to cut it I almost had a sensory nervous-breakdown. Reusing it is a pain but I feel so wasteful making new squares every time....

 *Queue super-hero music*
Nail Mates to the rescue!

I searched the internet for the best removal tips and found Nail Mates reviewed on Manic Talons. She did a great review that you can read here and you can visit the official website for even more info. Suffice to say if you change your polish even once a week this product is the holy grail. The kit comes with the sponge-y removers, but I actually don't prefer those--I think they are probably more helpful when you are removing gel polish, as that is what Nail Mates were really designed for.

These are my removal must-haves: 
Nail Mates
Zoya Remove Plus in the Big Flipper Bottle
Cotton Rounds
Cute Teeny Scissors
Craft Felt

So here is how I remove my polish:

First I cut my cotton rounds into quarters. I use cotton rounds because they are less linty and I can easily cut them into quarters. I got the cute scissors from the craft store, I think they are for thread so they are nice and sharp. And pink! I take a cotton quarter and give it one to two pumps of Zoya Remove Plus. I hate that I love such a pricey remover, but it is so gentle on my skin but strong on removing polish. And it smells pretty good! The flipper bottle is another product that will change your life. It's nice and sturdy too so it stays put. I have another one filled with pure acetone for when I'm stamping and need to quickly clean plates between fingers.

I place the cotton quarter on my nail and slip a Nail Mate over my fingertip. Remember those weird rubber change purses you opened by squeezing? It's like that and I have no other way to describe that process. I do one hand at a time and chillax while Remove Plus works its magic. After 5 minutes or so I take the Nail Mate off and drag the cotton quarter off my fingertip from cuticle to free edge. Usually everything comes off with it, yay! If it didn't, I reapply the cotton quarter and Nail Mate.

Finally, I use craft felt I've cut into squares and some more Remove Plus to take off any remaining color or glitters. The felt is scrubby so it easily takes off pigment, shimmer, flakies, and most glitters with ease. For some of the really large glitters I still have to use an orange stick to carefully dislodge them. I buy the large sheets of white felt at the craft store (like what your grandma may or may not put her Christmas village on each year) and cut them into squares while binge-watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime (currently it's Friends and Big Love respectively).

So those are all my secrets on how I take it off. What are your best removal secrets? Will you be trying any of these? If you are limited on funds I highly recommend the felt! If you have the cash the Nail Mates are worth every penny in my opinion.

Edited to add: My mother has kindly pointed out that the scissors are quilting scissors for trimming loose threads that I stole from her because they were little and cute. You're never too old to steal from Mom!

Nail Mates
Zoya Remove Plus

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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