Monday, January 5, 2015

Jindie Nails: A Tale of Two Beauties

Purchased By Shelby Lou (Jindie Nails Phone, Keys, Polish, Check!, Daily Charme)
Press Sample (Jindie Nails The Blue That Holds Us Together)

I am officially over a horrid flu I got last Tuesday night, thank goodness. I had a fever of 101 for awhile there, plus horrible body aches and stuffiness. Since it happened right before New Year's Eve my whole vacation day was ruined, and since I have worked pretty much every other holiday this year that really pisses me off the most. I tried to work on Friday but the doctor I worked with literally called my supervisor and was like, "she is contaminating my floor, she needs to go home" haha! If I had to get the flu, why couldn't it have happened during some uneventful and holiday-free time like February? Ugh, I am so over this. Tomorrow it's back to the grind.

Today I have some AMAZING Jindies to share with you: Phone, Keys, Polish, Check! and The Blue That Holds Us Together. I have shown them both accented with one of my favorite bow charms from Daily Charme--I just can't do a "plain" swatch hehe.

Shelby Lou Nails
Jindie Nails Phone, Keys, Polish, Check!
Phone, Keys, Polish, Check! is a stunning pink jelly polish absolutely packed with shimmer and glitters in matte, metallic, and holographic finishes. I have shown two coats and a coat of Rica's Glossy Glam. I applied my TC poorly and you can see some weirdness in the one of the photos--user error. I can't believe it took me so long to purchase this beauty!

Shelby Lou Nails
Jindie Nails The Blue That Holds Us Together
The Blue That Holds Us Together, Check!'s sister polish, is a bright blue jelly full of coordinating glitters in metallic, matte, and holographic finishes. The overall effect is indescribable, it's like looking at melted metals through water. I used two coats topped with Rica's Glossy Glam.

I hate to say it, but these polishes are way better in person! I've never seen anything quite like them, they are jelly, metallic, holographic, and somehow flakie all at the same time. Both of these colors have a similar formula.

There is a lot of goodness going on in these and the formula is thick, so I added thinner to mine to make it more spreadable. I did a first thinner coat and let that dry well. Then I applied a second thicker coat with a light touch. I found it to clean up rather easy but kept an orange stick handy for when I got too close to my cuticles. If you love blue or pink polish, these are some must-haves in your stash. Follow Jindie on your favorite social media platform to be alerted about restocks!

Jindie Nails

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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