Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pahlish "Warmest Winter" Duo for January 2015

Purchased By Shelby Lou 

I realized I haven't shared some Pahlish on the ol' blog for awhile, which is a great shame I must rectify. Pahlish is easily one of my top favorite indies and every new release makes my heart race. The duo for this January is called "Warmest Winter" which I find perfectly ironic for Buffalo right now. On the plus side my nails are growing out nicely!

Shelby Lou Nails
Pahlish Jaunary 2015 Duo
By Your Side
By Your Side is a dark gray base with gold, purple, and blue flake shimmer. This is two dreamy coats and hardly any clean-up. I want all of my polishes to be this perfect. I wore this for a day at work before adding the topper and it is just so chic! Dark but with a lil something special.

Shelby Lou Nails
Pahlish January 2015 Duo
Always Warmer
Always Warmer is the stunning holo topper of this duo with even moar flakes in gold, pink, purple, and blue. I died a little when I put this on. I can't even take the flakes with the holo. It definitely has a pinkish hue which you can see from the bottle and I'm dying to wear this over a nude. If you haven't already seen it on my instagram, here is a macro of this duo in all its glory.

This might be my most favorite Pahlish Duo yet-and I'm not afraid to admit I own every single one since they started in April 2013. I also love that the name labels also now have the month and year on them! A new duo for February releases this Friday and it features more stunning flakies, I can't wait!


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