Monday, February 16, 2015

Renaissance Cosmetics: Sweet & Sassy Duo

Purchased By Shelby Lou 

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day. Since the hubs was working I actually had more of a Galentine's Day with my cousin (and fellow polish addict) and one of her friends. We braved the blizzard and spent the afternoon in a couple classes making some yummy chocolate cherry bread and then a stained glass heart with local artisans--you can see my heart on instagram. Otherwise Sunday was so cold (it stayed well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit all day and was even colder at night) that I pretty much just hibernated all day and played with polish. I am trying to let my nails grow out in their natural shape, but not sure how I'm liking the flare at the end... but maybe I'll break my corners less? We shall see.

This year Renaissance Cosmetics came out with the Sweet & Sassy Duo for Valentine's Day. I love these because while they are lovely for this holiday they are usable in all different ways all year! They also feature those amazing multichrome flakies. Let's take a look!

Shelby Lou Nails
Renaissance Cosmetics Sugar and Spice
from the Sassy & Sweet Valentine's Duo

First up is Sugar and Spice, the Sweet half of this duo. It has white satin and holographic rose glitters along with a generous helping of multichrome flakes. I can't get enough, it is so beautiful and delicate! For this mani I started with two coats of Polish My Life Pink Sandals and three on my accent nail. I did just one coat of RenCos Sugar and Spice, dabbing just a few of the larger satin and rose glitters where I wanted them. I did not have to do any fishing and everything spread so nicely. I added the Pegasus charm from Hex Nail Jewelry as my accent. Sweet enough for a toothache!

Shelby Lou Nails
Renaissance Cosmetics Sassy With A Vengeance
from the Sassy & Sweet Valentine's Duo

Sassy With A Vengeance is, obviously, the sassy side of this duo. It has matte black and fuchsia holographic glitters as well as those gorgeous multichrome flakes. This is the perfect Maleficent nail polish! For this look I did two luscious coats of KBShimmer Pansy-Monium. I did one coat of Sassy and dabbed some of the black glitters where I wanted them. Again, everything spread very nicely and it was easy to grab a few black glitters on the neck of the bottle for perfect placement. The bow is from Born Pretty Store. I love how dark but shimmery this came out.

The Sweet & Sassy Duo is exactly what I've been waiting for with the multichrome flakes. Make sure you check out my instagram for some amazing macros! Meghan, RenCos genius, does plan on restocking these towards the end of the month and Sugar and Spice is still available along with a Sassy-looking prototype.

Renaissance Cosmetics
Polish My Life
Hex Nail Jewelry

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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