Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nail-Aid No-Rub Acetone Gel Review

Purchased By Shelby Lou's Husband (Isn't he wonderful!)

I interrupt today's regular programming to bring you a review on Nail-Aid No-Rub, advertised as the first acetone power gel. When I saw cutepolish's video, being the nail addict I am, I immediately asked Hubby to pick it up from Wal-Mart on his next trip. So! I don't have any fancy videos, but here is my experience with this product. I recommend watching cutepolish's video because she shows you exactly how to use this product according to manufacturer's directions and I will refer to it in my review.

Nail-Aid No-Rub
Acetone Gel

I decided to remove the mani I happened to be wearing the day I got this--Painted Sabotage Happy Hearts and Hooves Day. You can see what it looks like here as worn by one of my nail pals, In Jeeb We Trust, and she actually gifted this to me, too! You can see that it doesn't have a very heavy glitter load, and teeny glitters at that.

Here were my first impressions:
--Jelly feels like the consistency of ultrasound or sonogram gel. Not unpleasant.
--Strongly smells of acetone. The directions clearly tell you to put the lid back immediately after dipping your fingers hehe.
--So cold! But apparently that's normal.

I had the best results by:
--Dipping my nails and leaving a generous, heaping glob on top.
--Keeping my hands flat... or the gel slides off.
--Leaving gel on for 5 to 6 minutes.
--Rubbing off the nail polish with felt (as show in cutepolish's video, but she uses a papertowel) followed by regular remover on a new, clean cotton round.

--Not available in acetone-free.
--Acetone wreaks havoc on cuticles.
--Very gooey on removal, which can quickly become a mess (complete with glitter herpes) if you are not careful. A few of my other nail friends also confirmed this gooey mess.
--Still had to follow-up with felt and remover after initial gooey mess is taken off.

--No need to mess with tin foil and cotton.

In the epic battle, my method still wins!

Sorry guys, but for me this does not remove glitters better than my method. I'm sure there was much more rubbing involved than cutepolish showed to get her results... I also ended up using MORE cotton rounds and felt than with my method. In conclusion, this is not magic and has not solved the problem of removing glitter polish for me. Boo, this is why I hate writing reviews on things I don't like. Such a bummer!

No-Rub Gel
Or just get it at Wal-Mart for $3.88

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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