Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Edition: Oh, Christmas Tree

Purchased By Shelby Lou 

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I know today is normally reserved for HARE, but I just had to share this before it went out of season! Last night I was messing around with my nail vinyls. I redid a few nails after attempting to get those adorable chevron stripes to work on my other hand--I think my nails are too curved or something, I can't get them to stay down and get crisp lines. Anyway I was about to quit nail vinyls forever when I noticed one of my vinyls looked like a skinny Christmas tree... so I made a Christmas tree! I used KBShimmer Vinyl Nail Decals from the Tribal Themed Sheet in the "Connected Triangle Lines" pattern.

Supply List:
Laquerlicious Peppermint Twist
KBShimmer Tribal Themed Vinyl Nail Decal Sheet--"Connected Triangle Lines"
Essie Going Incognito
Jindie Nails The Snow Must Go On--A single teeny red star
a-england Merlin
KBShimmer Clearly On Top

While I wouldn't call this a tutorial, I do have a visual of how I did my little tree. I already had on Laquerlicious Peppermint Twist. I love this polish and it was a great crelly formula! I am so into small glitters lately. Below is a picture showing the placement of the "Connected Triangle Lines," I used tweezers to help place them and then peel them off after I painted Essie Going Incognito in between. I love this color, I am almost halfway through my bottle and that is unheard of in my stash!

Shelby Lou Nails - Oh, Christmas Tree - 2014 Edition

I fished out a teeny red star from Jindie Nails The Snow Must Go On, dabbed it on a piece of paper, then placed it with my trusty tweezers. I dry-brushed on some silver glitter from a-england's Merlin for a little sparkle. I topped everything off with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top, it's my favorite quick-dry TC to use over bumpy glitters.

Shelby Lou Nails - Oh, Christmas Tree - 2014 Edition

Here is the finished mani and how I am going to enjoy it for at least one more day (I just got a bunch of Christmas swatch mail from Jindie Nails, woo!). My favorite part about this tree is I didn't need to fool around with many extra supplies. I am easily frustrated and have no desire to labor for long over nail art. 

Shelby Lou Nails - Oh, Christmas Tree - 2014 Edition

Here is a close-up of my tree. I love it so much! Even my husband was impressed. It's so teeny but the lines are perfect. Ok, maybe I won't be getting rid of my nail vinyls... now who is going to go make a tree? If you try it share a picture with me on facebook!

Shelby Lou Nails - Oh, Christmas Tree - 2014 Edition

KBShimmer tribal Vinyl Nail Decals
Jindie Nails

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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