Friday, December 12, 2014

Zoya Wishes Collection for Winter/Holiday 2014 (PART 2)

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I know I meant to get this up Thursday. Leave me alone. Have you entered my Christmas Trio Giveaway yet, though? It ends in soon!

Today I have the rest of the Zoya Wishes collection to show you. I think once you see these amazing PixieDusts the collection will make more sense. All three of these Pixies are jelly-type textures with holographic glitter. They do not dry down too matte but maintain most of their shiny jelly-ness. I did two and a half coats for these swatches. I dabbled on the first coat, painted the second, and dabbed on patchy areas for the third (half) coat. They were all actually really easy to apply. My husband recently picked up a nail dryer from a flea market for me and it really helped speed the drying process. He found mine for only $5.99 and I don't know how I lived without it until now! Learn from my mistake, ask Santa for one this year.

Zoya Imogen
Wishes Collection
First is Zoya Imogen, a black PixieDust with silver microglitter and holographic hexes. Where was this when I was a little emo-punk girl?! So much more awesome than plain black polish. I am dying for a silver skull stud now... Wouldn't this be so glamorous for a New Year's Eve party and a little black dress?

Zoya Nori
Wishes Collection
Zoya Nori is a sapphire blue PixieDust with silver microglitter and holographic hexes. I love jewel tones in the winter and this is stunning! It's icy and glacial and perfectly wintry. I haven't seen the movie Frozen (I might be the only one) but I have heard quite a bit about it (that's an understatement) and I image this is what Elsa would wear.

Zoya Thea
Wishes Collection
Lastly is Zoya Thea, a deep purple PixieDust with orchid microglitter and silver holographic hexes. This was my surprise favorite. What is it about purples lately? I used to love blues as a rule but purple is just winning my heart. This. Is. Fabulous. If you can only get one PixieDust I suggest this one, it will be seasonally appropriate from September to March and could pass as work appropriate for most people!

Now, how did I feel about the texture: Previously I have discussed at length how much some textures freak me out. Since these were a jelly-type base they did not feel as sandy, it was more like a chunky glitter bomb before topcoat. Which is fine by me! I am happy to report that this texture-phobe is pleased with these Pixies.

Now that you've seen the Pixies what do you think about the whole Wishes Collection (see Part 1 here)? It is nicely cohesive and offers traditional, edgy, and trendy finishes to please all. So while there are no reds, golds, or greens and instead black, blue, and purple, I've got to say I am impressed by this collection! Will you be picking any up?

Zoya Wishes Collection

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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