Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zoya Wishes Collection for Winter/Holiday 2014 (Part 1)

Purchased By Shelby Lou (Daily Charm products)
Press Sample (Zoya products)

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In other news, I have come to the realization that I am a twice-a-week blogger. I just can't keep up with doing full posts three days a week. I start to get cranky and it becomes no fun for me. And I'm sure my husband doesn't like it either haha! I'm going to be posting more nail art and NOTDs on instagram, twitter, and facebook while keeping swatch-and-reviews here. Let me know what you guys think about my new plan as it unfolds!

Today I have swatches from the Zoya Wishes Collection. Wishes consists of three PixieDusts and three corresponding colors in more traditional polish finishes. It's unexpected, let's see!

Zoya Prim
Accent from Daily Charme
Zoya Prim is a frosty periwinkle metallic. There's that f-word so many of us cringe at... I used two coats of Zoya's Get Even basecoat and two careful coats of Prim, finished off with Zoya's Armor.
Objectively Prim is a lovely color and the formula was nice and thick while still being easy to work with. The brushstrokes were not too bad in real life. And it looks pretty cute with the Deco-inspired charm from Daily Charm. Will I wear it? That would be a nope. I happen to know this makes an excellent stamper though, so I will be trying some wintery art with it :-D

Zoya Willa
Accents from Daily Charme
Zoya Willa is a black creme. I used two coats and Zoya's Armor for topcoat. Formula is nice and thick; highly pigmented, but easy to work with and clean up. When I first saw this though I was kinda like, really Zoya? But once I made myself be objective about it, I realize we must all have basics in our lives. It's a fact, like paying bills or buying toilet paper. But just look at how friggin classy it becomes with those teeny triangles from Daily Charme! And of course the formula is amazing. If you are looking for a good black here it is on a silver platter, my friends. I bet it stamps beautifully, too.

Zoya Haven
Accent from Daily Charme
Lastly is Zoya Haven, a "true holiday plum liquid metal." That description just tickled me haha, but I would add that there is a blackened element to it. It looks like an ember, glowing from within. I have Zoya's Get Even underneath with two easy coats and Zoya's Armor, the lil bow is from Daily Charme. Haven has a super-shiny metallic finish without brushstrokes. This is a color I consider a staple in any polish collection, because sometimes you just want to feel glamorous! If these types of polishes are your jam it's a must-have.

So once I put my holiday collection expectations aside, I was alright with these. A stamper, a staple, and something glamorous--I'll take it! I will have the three PixieDusts on Thursday and they really do round out the collection. What are your thoughts so far?

Edited to Add: See Part 2 here!

Zoya Wishes Collection
Daily Charme

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