Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pahlish August Duo: First Day Of My Life

Purchased By Shelby Lou

With the end of summer fast approaching I have a few more summer manis to share. Fall is easily my favorite season, but I'm not quite done with summer yet! Here is the August Duo from Pahlish, First Day Of My Life.

First Day of My Life is a duo "inspired by the end of summer and the last few days on the beach." This set sold out so fast the first Friday it was available, I feared I might actually not get my hands on it. Shannon, the maker, heard our pleas though and has kept it well-stocked since!

Pahlish Duo for August 2014
"First Day of My Life"
Meet Me in the Morning and Blankets on the Beach

The base polish is Meet Me in the Morning, which is a bright blue creme with copper microflakes for shimmer. This is the quintessential Pahlish polish finish that makes me keep coming back every month for duos. This polish was a little thick and prone to dragging. To fix this I added a few drops of thinner and did three thin coats, letting it dry well in between. I find this is the case for most of my Pahlishes of this type but it is easily fixed... hence I have almost a full melmer drawer haha!

The glitter is Blankets on the Beach, a topper made up of gold, turquoise, and copper in hexes, squares, and dots as well as gold flakie shimmer. I did a glitter gradient, my tradition pretty much since I started buying duos in April 2013. I used only the polish brush and painted the top third, then the top two-thirds of my nail. Quick and easy!

This is one of my favorite Pahlish duos ever. Meet Me in the Morning is such a classy polish all by itself and is totally glam with Blankets on the Beach. Every month I am amazed by Shannon's creativity and understanding of color.The duos are very affordable (only $16.00 plus $3.00 shipping in the US) and are such a good mix of colors that one could be satisfied by these alone (if one were able to control oneself, but I won't name names).

Pahlish restocks every Friday at 7pm Central. This is the last week the August Duo will be restocked, make sure to log on if you want it. There will also be a special pre-order for six Bespoke Batch colors from 7pm-8pm Central which were originally never to be made again. Make sure you check out Pahlish on facebook or instagram for more details!


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