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Zoya Entice Collection for Fall 2014

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I have a huge post of stunning cremes from Zoya's Entice Collection for fall today, so I'm going to jump right in! Entice is a set of six cremes which make up half of their fall offerings for this year.

*Edited to add: See the other half of this fall's collection, Ignite, here.

Formula was pretty standard across the board. Two buttery coats of color is all you need, some of them could even be careful one-coaters. I need to note though that these have major staining potential. I highly recommend careful coats and don't even get this stuff near your cuticles. If you slip, keep an orange stick handy to dip in remover and immediately scrape it off. I'm not happy with my clean-up of some swatches, and in another I used pure acetone instead of the gentler Zoya Remove Plus and it dried me out pretty bad--see what I do for my dear readers? Also make sure you use a generous coat of base coat. For removal after long-term wear, just use the tin-foil method to keep from getting color everywhere (cuz ain't nobody got time for that!). Going into application knowing it may stain is half the battle, and I would say for the payoff it is totally worth it. Clean-up for stamping was average though since there were only thin lines of color instead of pools of polish, which is good because I love my stamping.

For all of my swatches I used one coat of Zoya Get Even Ridge Filler Base Coat, two coats of color, and Zoya Armor Top Coat. For all of my accent nails I have a base of two coats Zoya Taylor, a warm nude from the first Naturel Collection--I loved the Naturel Deux set I received for review so much I went back and bought the first! I can't get enough nudes lately. All of the stamping is done with various MoYou London plates that I will note with each swatch.

Zoya Nyssa
Accent nail: Zoya Taylor, MoYou London Pro XL 02
Zoya Nyssa is a rich brown creme. It has a yellow tone to it but is still wearable.
I love how the rope stamp looks with it!

Zoya Claire
Accent nail: Zoya Taylor, MoYou London Pro XL 01
 Zoya Claire is a deep, dark burgundy creme. It looks like a dark spiced wine which is perfect for fall.
You can see how deep the color is compared to the stamping. 

Zoya Veronica
Accent nail: Zoya Taylor, MoYou London Pro XL 01
Zoya Veronica is deep red creme. This might be my favorite of the bunch!
I wish I had a tan and red sweater in this pattern.

Zoya Margo
Accent nail: Zoya Taylor, MoYou London Sailor 05
Zoya Margo is rich red-toned plum creme.
Basically this is a red-violet Crayola crayon. You know, that color that was always confusing as a child. Lovely here though!

Zoya Veronica
Accent nail: Zoya Taylor, MoYou London Pro XL 02
Zoya Ryan is a dark indigo creme, it looks like a true navy in my stamp. I smeared my stamping image during top-coating but my cuticles would not survive one more redo, sorry guys :-/
On Zoya's website it notes that this one was originally released during New York Fashion Week for 2014! I love Zoya's NYFW polishes.

Zoya Genevieve 
Accent nail: Zoya Taylor, MoYou London Pro XL 02
Lastly is Zoya Genevieve, a very dark cool gray creme. 
This stamp looks like chain mail!

These beauties are already available for pre-order on Zoya's website. I continue to be so pleased with Zoya's cremes not only for color but also for stamping, they are so pigmented. I recommend setting aside some polish money for these, especially if you are a stamper!

Zoya Entice & Ignite

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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