Sunday, August 3, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux--Owl Chevrons

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I just finished working a 6th day in a row and I am exhausted! I had no idea I was also about to be typing up my 100th blog post this week either. Go me! I do have plans to be more consistent through August with posts. I think I do need to get back to posting the looks I wear and enjoy on a regular basis, which is how I really started out and what I enjoy the most. I've also been thinking of switching to actually wearing the color for my swatches and posting several times a week instead. We shall see what August brings!

Here is a look I did with the browns from the Zoya Naturel Deux collection. I had a tough time coming up with something for the browns. These shades are gorgeous but totally out of my comfort zone--which was good because I needed a challenge! Of course I needed some gold to accent these lovely chocolate shades. I haven't worn my little Hex Nail Jewelry Owl yet, which is a shame because he is adorable. I also decided to use the browns in a very graphic, color-blocked kind of way to show off the colors the best and not end up looking like a grandma mani--like in a bad way.

Owl Chevrons
Featuring Zoya Spencer, Chanelle, & Emilia

On my pinky I used Emilia with a lilttle gold stud accent.
For my ring finger I used a base of Chanelle with the owl charm from Hex Nail Jewelry.
For my index and middle finger I chose a base of Spencer. I used a chevron nail guide and painted Emilia on, making sure to wrap the tip. Then I used a striping brush to freehand the second stripe in Chanelle. I know I wasn't pumped about Spencer when I was swatching, but she sure works well for nail art!
If you are interested, you can see my swatches and review of the Zoya Naturel Deux chocolate shades here.

I am pretty pleased with what I ended up with! Trust me, there were many redone nails in this process.

Hex Nail Jewelry

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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