Saturday, August 30, 2014

Renaissance Cosmetics: St. Clair & Rose-Osie

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I have some more Renaissance Cosmetics today! I meant to post Thursday... but I'm still technically keeping up with twice a week so I'll take it. You can see my RenCos post from earlier this week here. I have to start by saying these two polishes were impossible for me to photograph. I actually swatched them twice because I hated my first set of photos. I did however get some instagram videos posted which I will link you to with the swatches. Be nice though... these are my first instagram videos and they are pretty rough. And shot in my new bathroom because I like to keep it classy.

Renaissance Cosmetics - St. Clair
Excuse the funky lighting, it shows off the shifty sparkle best!

First is St. Clair, a blue shimmer with aqua and fuchsia sparkle. My photos do not do this justice, I suggest checking out my video of St. Clair on instagram instead so you can see the color and sparkle! My lighting is way funky, ignore the skintone and just look at the polish.
My swatch shows two coats of St. Clair with Glossy Glam on top. This polish had a tendency to pool on me, but then again I was doing coats thicker than usual. Keep an orange stick handy to clean up as you polish along. This was also a toughie to clean up because of all the shimmer. Just take your time painting in the first place to minimize the sparkle herpes. Also, you won't be taking close-ups of your nails so a little herpes is acceptable, and after a handwash or two it'll be all gone.

Renaissance Cosmetics - Rosie-Osie
Bow charm from Daily Charme

Second is Rosie-Osie, a super-saturated red jelly with red shimmer along with red, gold, and silver holographic glitters. When I got this polish on my nails my eyes almost fell out of my head. I mean, it's too beautiful to even take an accurate picture of (or at least beyond my skill). Again, check out the instagram video instead!
I have shown just two generous coats of Rose-Osie. The jelly is so saturated but all the shimmer and holographic goodness shines though. When I was cleaning up, Rosie-Osie tended to stain my cuticles even though I painted carefully--and you will need to paint very carefully. Usually I use Zoya's Remove Plus since it's gentler and less drying, however I did need to use pure acetone for this baby. When I took this off a day later I didn't have any nail staining. But, I do recommend the tin foil method to protect your cuticles and then use acetone or cuticle remover to get any leftover red tint off.

Final thoughts: Both of these polishes require some babying. I know for some the application and clean-up needs might be a deal-breaker, but that's the beauty of a review. You know your polish strengths, limits, and desires. For me personally I know I will be wearing Rose-Osie for the holidays and a mid-winter pick-me-up, I'll just plan for a weekly cuticle removal afterwards. For me the payoff of this beauty is worth it!

Check out RenCos on instagram and facebook for more information about the brand, or just head on over to the shop which I have conveniently linked for you below. Sorry, you will only find enabling here.

Renaissance Cosmetics

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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