Friday, September 12, 2014

Lemming: Pahlish Sarey's Berry

Purchased By Shelby Lou

I'm about to show you a polish you can't easily obtain, and for this I apologize. I just know us nailphiles have been all there. You see a polish and suddenly you lose your mind. It is so unique and perfect and you just can't get it out of your head. Every time you see a swatch you get a little flutter in your chest and you know this polish must be yours. You think about owning it and wearing it randomly throughout the day, even while engaging in non-polish activities. You might even put out an ISO or spend copious amounts of money to obtain it (Only a kidney? Shut up and take my useless one!). You have a lemming--and you have it bad.

Allow me to introduce Sarey's Berry.

I am not a purple person. I never have been. But for some reason Sarey's Berry just got under my skin! I'm usually too beat on a Friday night when Pahlish restocks to stalk the Bespoke Batches. But when Pahlish announced they were going to bring back some Bespokes for a preorder I set my alarm. I had that maniacal glint in my eye and I frantically clicked to make sure, even though it was a one-hour preorder window, I was still among the first to checkout. In case of any sudden pigment shortages you know.

Sarey's Berry
Bespoke Batch

I can't even decide how to describe Sarey, so I'm going to go with: An orchid crelly with translucent white flakies, purple shimmer, and there is something blue about it I can't put my finger on. The lighting changes this shade anywhere from violet to fuchsia, and in all its forms I adore it.

Pahlish Sarey's Berry
Left: With flash
Right: Without flash

I tried to do some stamping over Sarey. I'm only sharing one picture because I feel like I ruined her with attempting a straight-line image (sadness). I have super-curved nails and I just can't seem to get straight-line stamping to work. Any advice would be appreciated! I used a big squishy stamper for this, maybe I should have gone firmer with a rocking motion.... Oh well, at least I can't be accused of being perfect! You can see the clear flakies on my ring finger better where I had to wipe off a stamp that didn't work out. The stamping did look better in person. Like from a normal human viewing distance and not with close-up macro focus.

Pahlish Sarey's Berry
Stamped with MoYou London Pro XL 02 &
Just Ricarda Blackout

Pahlish restocks every Friday at 7pm Central--you could be reading this just in time! While this one is no longer available there are many other pretties to tempt you, including the Bespoke Batches and September Duo, which I will be purchasing myself tonight. Tell me about your lemming!


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