Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zoya Ignite Collection for Fall 2014

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At long last, I bring you the second half of Zoya's fall collection! If you missed the Entice Collection you can view my swatches and review (and stamping!) here. I hate to kind of throw these all at you and run, but such is life and I promise I'll get some nail art done with them in the future.

The Ignite Collection is made up of six polishes described by Zoya as "liquid metals." They are all super-pigmented jellies with all sorts of lovely silver, gold, and sometimes other colored shimmer sprinkled in. They do look like molten metal without frosty chrome-ness, which is awesome in my book. The shimmer you see stuck to the bottle isn't exactly what comes out on the nail since the jelly is so deeply colored, but you can see all the shimmery goodness that will be swimming on your nails.

All of my swatches show two medium coats of color. I feel like a broken record, but with all the pigment Zoya packs in I should just make this a given--paint carefully and keep an orange stick nearby to immediately clean up any time you bump into or flood your cuticles. When you do your cuticle sweep the pigment cleans up nicely but there is still a sparkle herpes alert. Clean up may leave you with a bad case but it will wear off after a couple handwashes. In a few of my swatches you can see what looks like tip wear. This is not due to a top coat or actual wear, it is my lack of wrapping my second coat of polish. For all intents and purposes, these are jellies and need the second coat wrapped, which I was careful to do for my last couple swatches.

Zoya Autumn
Copper Liquid Metal

Zoya Teigen
Cranberry Liquid Metal

Zoya India
Deep Red Plum Liquid Metal

Zoya Sansa
Eggplant Liquid Metal

Zoya Remy
Deep Blue Liquid Metal
Zoya Yuna
Warm Gray Liquid Metal

I felt like these polishes were so amazing they didn't need any accents. The brilliance in real life really is like polished metals and enamels on your nails. My favorites would have to be Yuna and Teigen, both work appropriate but so fun. Tell me what you are eyeing for your stash!


Have you loved your cuticles today?

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