Monday, September 1, 2014

Inspired by Hare Polish: Hidden Treasures in a Bowl of Roses

Purchased By Shelby Lou 

Not only is today Labor Day, it is the beginning of my week-long vacation, woot! I'm hoping to get a lot of blog stuffs done and play with some techniques I haven't done before. I've also got a few house projects lined up. Okay so I'm bad at taking vacations. Anyway, today I'm getting back to my first love--skittles. I've done so much swatching lately and needed to shake it up. Hare Polish and similar glitter-packed goodness are perfect for the easy skittles I'm about to show you.

I started with Hare Polish Hidden Treasures in a Bowl of Roses (herafter abbreviated as HTiaBoR) from the Viva Los Angeles collection. This is easily one of my favorite Hares, the color palette is so up my alley. HTiaBoR is a dusty periwinkle with black, white, neon pink, and gold glitters along with gold shimmer. According to the Hare description there is also neon green glitter, but I don't see it. Maybe the green looks gold to me? I painted three thin coats of HTiaBoR on my pointer and middle fingers. To see what I mean about thin coats, see my post here. I reeeeally want to redo that post.... ugh I was addicted to cuticle nippers and they look awful. Hydrated but awful lol. HTiaBoR applies like a typical glitter-packed crelly, thin coats, drying time, and practice are my best tips.

Hare Polish
Hidden Treasures in a Bowl of Roses
Accent nail: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls,
MoYou London Sailor 05, Just Ricarda Stamping Black
Pinky: China Glaze Bump In The Night

Out of the glitter colors in HTiaBoR I used black and white for some accents. I love me some black and white! I keep all of my blacks, whites, and other neutrals like nudes, silvers, and golds in the same drawer to make it easy to pick out coordinating polishes.

On my pinky I did two coats of China Glaze Bump In The Night. It is a really nice texture, but it is also super-pigmented and caused some clean-up problems. I painted very carefully and just wanted to do a cuticle sweep, but then all the pigment pooled into my cuticles. Boo.

For my ring finger I did OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls then stamped it with MoYou London Sailor 05 and Just Ricarda Blackout. MBSW is a classic must-have OPI. I picked a more subdued white because bright white was not in keeping with the dusty color palette. I love MoYou plates and I think this wavy pattern is my new favorite image. Blackout was a fabulous stamper. It is super-pigmented but not too thick and easy to work with. I for sure need some more Just Ricarda stampers, her Glossy Glam is awesome as well! My stamping isn't perfect, but it was my first shot and good enough to enjoy. I hate redoing things because it sucks all the fun out of it. Don't get me wrong, I redo stuff sometimes, but other times you have to balance enjoyment and perfectionism.

I have been loving this mani immensely for the last few days. I almost can't bear to take it off! I must do more skittles. What is your favorite nail art look to do?

Hare Polish
Just Ricarda
MoYou London

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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