Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hump Day HARE: Martian Mutiny

Purchased By Shelby Lou Press Sample

Hey all! Has anyone else noticed how Halloween was barely over before Christmas music was blaring over every store speaker this year? Has it always been this way and I've just never noticed? I'm not ready yet.

And before I forget, here are the First Blogiversary Giveaway winners! Congratulations and please check your emails if you might be one of these lucky ladies. Thank you everyone who entered and I look forward to our time sharing polish together.
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I feel the need to address my nail length in the upcoming swatches. I bring this week's Hare to you on nubs (dun dun dunnn). I may or may not have decided earlier this week to try rounding out my nails. I also may or may not have realized I suck at making all of them look even. I will admit I decided I hated the round shape and filed off all my free edge to be square again. I am not really all that comfortable with my nubs. They feel weird and are not what I am used to seeing. But! Polish waits for nothing, especially nail growth. I will celebrate my nubs as we all must, and I admire you ladies that rock them on a regular basis.

Today's Hump Day Hare is Martian Mutiny from the just released Fall/Winter 2014 collection called Interstellar Invasion. Firstly, I highly recommend reading about this collection on Hare Polish's blog just to see the outer-space bunny artwork. Martian Mutiny is a dark teal jelly with fuchsia, neon red and gold glitters along with gold flakes and iridescent blue flakies.

Hare Polish - Martian Mutiny
Fall/Winter 2014: Interstellar Invasion

I did three thin coats. It looks like I forgot to add a third coat to my pinky or something? User error, sorry! I did an accent of an Essie polish, which I will simply refer to as Stainy McStainer Stainington, with a texture stud from Daily Charme. I seem to demand flakies in all of my polishes lately, which Hare has been really rockin'. I am pleased!

Hare Polish
Daily Charme

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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