Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stamping Saturdays: Winter Sweaters

Purchased By Shelby Lou 

Oh Buffalo, I love you and your bipolar weather. It's raining today. All that snow is starting to melt and we are anticipating ridiculous flooding right before the holidays, ugh. The snow really did get me into the winter spirit though and I decided it was time for some sweater stamping. Jenny from Lavish Layerings recently pointed out how great it is to use a matte as a base for stamping since they dry so fast. Which is awesome because I love the instant gratification of stamping and this makes it even faster!

I started with ManGlaze Royal Mattermoaning, a gorgeous royal blue matte shimmer. My polish bestie IG@joyrserio gifted this color to me and I'm only just getting around to wearing it! Shameful. Especially because it is so flipping gorgeous and a great formula. Dummy me, I didn't take a proper swatch photo before covering it up with my stamping, just trust me that you need this if you love blue and matte shimmers. I used Rica Whiteout with an image from MoYou London Festive 04. I topcoated it all for a glossy finish.

Stamping Saturdays
Winter Sweaters
Manglaze Royal Mattermoaning
Rica Whiteout
MoYou London Festive 04

I really need to practice getting my images more radially centered on my nails. When I have a pattern like this I use the XL squishy white stamper from Vivid Lacquer. I can get everything centered left to right but still working on up and down.

I highly recommend at least visiting the ManGlaze website just to giggle at the rampant inappropriateness. I love irreverent humor ;-)

Just Ricarda
MoYou London

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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