Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stamping Saturday: Chromatic Candy Clouds

Purchased By Shelby Lou 

I hope all the Americans had a great Thanksgiving! I will be celebrating today with my parents and my husband. On Thanksgiving I went to my in-laws but my husband worked, boo. I'm still a little bitter. I had a lovely visit with my MIL though, I really lucked out with her!

Today I'm doing that mean thing where I show you polish you probably won't be able to get. I lemmed this so hard and was ecstatic when it was offered once again: Pahlish Chromatic Candy Crunch. CCC was a Bespoke Batch that Shannon, the creator of Pahlish, offered for a second round via pre-order by popular demand. CCC is a metallic silvery lavender metallic holo with all kinds of brightly colored flakies. Gah! I just have no words. Here is the polish alone with flash to show off the holo. I used three thin coats and did add just a lil thinner, as I tend to do.

Pahlish Bespoke Batch
Chromatic Candy Crunch
Isn't that lil ghost adorable? So seasonally inappropriate at this point but who cares, the polish is amazing! I will be trying this over some different colors, I'm sure it would be stunning over black. After wearing this for a day I chose to stamp CCC with one of my favorite images from Nailz Craze NC02 and Rica Whiteout.

Pahlish Bespoke Batch
Chromatic Candy Crunch
Stamped with Nailz Craze NC02 & Rica Whiteout
I always tell myself I should freehand something or use vinyls... but stamping is just so damn quick and satisfying. I'm enjoying Stamping Saturdays, let me know what you think!

Nailz Craze
Just Ricarda

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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