Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hump Day HARE: Reverie In Rubellite

Purchased By Shelby Lou

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, that time for Americans to reflect on what they have and are grateful for while they gather and feast with family and friends. Unfortunately there is this horrifying trend of stores now being open AT DINNERTIME for Thanksgiving. My husband has to be at work at 5pm. So now I am officially doing nothing for Thanksgiving, except for maybe my nails, and celebrating Saturday instead. I don't even have words to describe how disgusted I am. I'm as good an American consumer as the next, but really? There is now officially nothing sacred. One day. One day a year for people to count on to be able to be with their families. I understand some types of people must be available (I've worked many a holiday as an essential mental health service provider and am volunteering that morning) but that is a voluntary sacrifice. Retail is just not that important. I beg everyone to please stay home on Thanksgiving and made it an unprofitable day for big business! Okay, #endrant.

Here is my HARE mani of the week and what will also be my Thanksgiving mani: Hare Polish Reverie In Rubellite. The base is a pink-leaning violet-ish red jelly with orange metallic glitters and shimmer. I wanted this color to be really deep and intense so I layered it over OPI Kiss Me--Or Elf! (Yeah, I kept saying I wasn't going to buy any of the OPI Gwen Holiday shades but then Ulta had a 2 for $16 sale... and I bought 6).

Hump Day HARE
Hare Polish - Reverie In Rubellite
Shown over OPI Kiss Me--Or Elf!
I have the newer formulation of RIR and it is a glorious jelly. I didn't do any dabbing for this glitter, just slapped it right on. I added a lil gold rectangle stud and two coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top. I could get lost in this polish! The orange glitter just does it for me, I haven't seen anything else quite like it.

To all the Americans out there, have a wonderful holiday and please celebrate it at home with family and friends if you can. Happy Thanksgiving!

HARE polish

Have you loved your cuticles today?

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