Friday, November 15, 2013

CrowToes: Shoot The Butterfly

Posting will get back to normal next week while I'm focusing on getting my life back in order before starting my new job Monday (!). I was telling my husband my cleaning plan for my week off and he decided I shouldn't kill my back, which I admit I would not have been able to move at the end of each day. Anyway, he found a great deal on a cleaning service and they cleaned my house top to bottom, light fixtures to baseboards, moved furniture, and even cleaned the INSIDE of the microwave which was horror-movie scary (I had a latte explosion that morning and I kind of left it for the cleaners... I tipped them very well, don't worry). I suppose the house will need cleaning again in a week though *sigh*

Anyway, onward! I have a stunner to show you today, CrowsToes Shoot The Butterfly from this past summer collection One Mad Crazy Summer. It is a beautiful interpretation of a monarch butterfly for your nails. Shoot The Butterfly is a black jelly with orange metallic glitters along with small matte white and holographic glitters. Alas, the holo glitters were the only shy part of this polish in my photos.

I used just one coat of Shoot The Butterfly over a black creme for this mani. While it came out this summer I think it is a gorgeous fall polish, don't you? I couldn't believe the amount of glitter in each stroke and it applied so easily, I only dabbed and smooshed in a few places.

I topped it with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top, which to me is like the Seche of the indie world only better. It's not as stinky, doesn't get gloopy, and is like glass on top of your mani.

This was one of those polishes that got noticed by all kinds of people. It also photographed perfectly--if you take pictures of your manis you will know what I mean, every picture was dead-on!

You can purchase CrowsToes from Llarowe or visit CrowsToes website for more stockists. Llarowe is having a restock Saturday the 16th and Shoot The Butterfly is currently in stock!

Have you tried CrowsToes? I have a few colors by them and I love how unique their polishes are!
Remember to moisturize :-)

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