Monday, November 4, 2013

Finger Paints "A Pair Affair" Collection from All Lacquered Up

I consider Michelle of All Lacquered Up fame to be among the pop stars of the polish world. In September this year Michelle and Finger Paints created one of the most amazing collections EVER called "A Pair Affair." I love the pairing concept and the colors are amazing, right up my alley--even the purples! These are the first Finger Paints I've purchased and I am in love. Since this set came in pairs, I decided to try some simple nail art with each pair. Also, rockin' the nubs in these pictures ;-)

Sarong So Right & You Yacht To Know Better
Sarong So Right is an orange-y coral jelly with beautiful holo shimmer.
You Yacht To Know Better is a dusty blue with bright blue shimmer.

This was the pair I was drawn to the most. I love coral and blue polishes and these are so full of win! The holo in Sarong is much more evident in real life... my lightbox kills holos :-(

First I did two coats of Sarong So Right and one coat of HK Girl Topcoat to get it dry.
Then I used some striping tape to tape off the angles, and filled those in with You Yacht To Know Better, removing the striping tape as I went. I only used one thick coat of the blue for some very nice coverage.

Sage It Ain’t So & A Grape Catch
Sage It Ain’t So is a silvery green with glass-fleck shimmer.
A Grape Catch is purple with silver glass fleck shimmer.

I tried to do this dotted feathery effect with a fan brush, I think I should have practiced first though. I read a tutorial that afternoon so I just decided to go for it on my nails :-/

You can see how nice and opaque the colors are though, I didn't do have to do much with my fan brush to cover A Grape Catch with Sage It Ain’t So.

Our Tips Are Tealed & Bare No Secrets
Our Tips Are Tealed is a sandy tan with gold shimmer and glitter.
Bare No Secrets is a green-leaning teal full of shimmer and glitter. In real life it looks mindblowingly 3D.

I saved my surprise favorites for last :-)
I love love love Our Tips Are Tealed and Bare No Secrets together, and polka dots make this so classy.

I just used a dotting tool for this look. I don't care what anyone says though, polka dots are hard to get even and straight! I have to really take my time to get them to look any good.

Removal Tip--I used the foil method to remove all of these to avoid shimmer/glitter herpes. I use this method for almost all of my polishes to contain shimmer and pigment so I don't have it all over my fingers.

I really really really hope that Finger Paints will let Michelle do another collab! My photos don't do these justice, you need these in your stash now. These are all still available on Sally Beauty's website and if you use Michelle's Link, you will be supporting her blog :-)

Do you follow All Lacquered Up? What do you think of her collection?
Remember to moisturize, that foil method can be rough on your skin!


  1. Shelby Lou, thank you so much for the amazing post. I love all the nail art you created but the gradient/fade with Sage & Grape Catch is definitely my fave. For a first attempt, you nailed it!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I was so hoping I could do them justice, but the truth is they are even more amazing in person. I really can't get enough of your colors :-)

  2. I love these I may have to recreate the 2nd design!
    I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    1. Thanks, Elise! Isn't it funny how my least favorite seems to be a favorite? We should totally do a twinsies post with that design ;-)
      And thank you for the nomination, I will be getting my end of it started soon!


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