Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twinsies featuring Jindie Nails Sparkle On The Vine

It's still November so I have one last fall polish post to share! Earlier this fall my polish friend, Joy, and I went on a wine tour and she suggested a twinsies mani for the day. Joy is the one who introduced me to Jindie Nails so I suggested Sparkle on the Vine. This one was still in both of our untrieds and so fitting for a wine tour!

My nails are on the left and Joy's are on the right. She has gorgeous nails, doesn't she?! We used OPI Funkey Dunky, a silver foil, and small silver studs. Joy actually discovered after I stuck my studs down that she didn't have silver, so she flipped hers over and it worked out perfectly.

At the last stop I actually ripped my thumbnail really badly. I believe it ripped because I was using my nail to slide my car fob off of my key ring earlier that day. I was in a hurry and decided to ignore one of the most important nail commandments, Thou Shalt Not Use Thy Nails As Tools, but next time I will use a staple remover like I should have.
When I got home I used Orly Nail Rescue and it saved my nail until it grew out enough to not be painful when I filed it down. Joy was also the one who convinced me to buy ONR to have on hand just in case and I urge you to do the same! I will just file all of my nails into uniformity if needed, but sometimes the break is too low and that's not possible.

Later that evening, Joy sent me a picture of her thumb that had an accident with a ketchup bottle. I swear we were not *that* drunk....
You can purchase Jindie Nails on her website! Joy (IG@JoyRSerio) is now one of Jindie's social media gals, I am so proud of her :-)

What do you think of our twinsies manis? Tell me about your nail tragedies!
Love those cuticles!


  1. This was so much fun to plan and execute. Great post!

  2. I tore my right index nail by trying to open a window... The condensation caused my hand to slip and it tore 1/3 of the way across, halfway down. I'm using nail glue to hold it together until I can get some ONR

    1. That sounds totally horrifying :-O
      ONR will fix you right up, then you'll have it just in case. PS I've been testing Duri Rejuvocate and it might just help your poor nail grow back in stronger and faster, too!


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