Friday, November 8, 2013

November 2013: Llarowe's A Box, Indied

So even though I was sooo tired I still had to swatch all of these right away when I got my box earlier this week. I am annoyed though at some of my pictures--my pinky nail is still looking all wonky. I had a major nail accident in June this year and I'm still training it to grow in right, blah. Anyway....

I wasn't super excited for the A Box, Indied from Llarowe for November, but I am such a sucker for exclusive and LE polishes. This is very picture heavy, read on to see what I thought after the break!

Different Dimension - aMAIZEing
I was worried this color was going to be too close to Chocolate which I already bought from DD, but rest assured it is not a dupe! aMAIZEing is a holographic thermal polish with golden shimmer which is brown when cold and a pale golden tan when warm. This ended up being a favorite for me and I feel like it fits a fall theme very well.

Room temperature--Mostly warm
Note: My lightbox kills holos, this is as holo as all the other DD holos!

These pictures I took after dunking my fingers in warm and cold water. I started to get a little prune-y haha.




The color change is on the subtle side but definitely there and more prominent in real life than in my photos--I am not an expert photographer here.
Formula was good, I could have stopped at two coats but used three for photographic purposes and then I used HK Girl Topcoat (my go-to for holographic polishes). I actually wore this for a day and it was mostly the pale color on me because I was warm. I love this and I think this is work appropriate, too!

Dollish Polish: Indian Corn
This was my other favorite! Indian Corn is a metallic glitter topper in magenta, orange, yellow, chartreuse, and violet. For me this was a perfect glitter formula, I did one coat with a lot of glitters and then dabbed a little to fill in where I wanted. My only wish is that the orange squares were more numerous.

I tried to go a little outside the box in some layering combos... it's more progressive than I usually am but then I realized I didn't try it over any bolder colors. Ah well, at least the colors altogether make a cute skittles mani!

Freak Show Polish: Harvest Hayride
This was my first experience with Freak Show Polish. I have to start by saying I pretty much hate bar glitter, especially long bar glitter. It can all go back where it came from and die as far as I am concerned. So I tried extra hard to give this polish a chance. I actually really like the concept of the polish, just look at this bottle shot!

Harvest Hayride is a blue base with iridescent tan sticks ("hay"), shards in assorted colors, and tiny holographic glitters. Okay, I can give it a fair shot.

I'm still on the fence. It dries much darker than it looks in the bottle. I had some challenges with the formula and application. The base is a hardcore one-coater, but this also means the good stuff is more hidden which disappointed me. Also, the glitters sink almost instantaneously. I used two coats because I way more base on the first time around, then I shook it up and tried a second coat to get more glitters on. The sticks were also challenging for me to place

I think I might try decant some and adding some Glitter Food (from Nail Pattern Boldness) to make the formula more sheer and suspend the glitters better.

Liquid Sky Lacquer: Fall In New England
Fall In New England is sheer orange jelly with orange and gold microglitter as well as larger hexes in purple, green, and orange. I have two coats of Fall In New England by itself on my index and middle fingers, then two coats over Sinful Colors Clementine, and then one and a half-ish coats over black.

Formula was good but a tad on the thick side, I did a little fishing and dabbing for the larger glitters but nothing unexpected. I was pleased to find that it gives good coverage in two coats, too. I think this should have been in the October box but I'll still take it.

Wicked Polish: Black Friday
Black Friday is a black jelly with gold holographic bars and microglitters. I used two thin coats over black so it would be opaque. I actually think I could have skipped the black base though as the glitters are not showing through as much as I thought they would.

So I usually hate bars but I liked this! Am I coming around to bars?! The bars are short enough, sparse enough, and dispersed well to not freak me out. I can totally see this for New Year's, too, it's definitely a glam party polish. And I am pumped that I now own TWO Wicked Polishes, w00t!

Overall I thought this month's box was nice, my favorite polishes were definitely the Dollish and Different Dimension. I find myself missing some reds and purples though... I also kind of hope for at least a red, a green, and a horribly awesome Christmas glitter for December's box, we shall see.

What do you think of the November A Box, Indied?
Don't forget to love your cuticles!

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  1. Tutorials!! I love everything you do!

    1. Thanks, Corrine! I have some planned, hopefully I can get some drafted next week :-)

  2. Wow, Black Friday is so unusual! I'm not usually a fan of bar polishes either, but this looks amazing!

    1. Black Friday--Converting bar haters everywhere!

  3. I'm with you on bar glitter Shelby, its kind of just awful!

    1. I avoid bars as a rule! However I have found when forced that short, sparse bars I can handle. Now that's crazy!


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