Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oldie But Goodie: OPI Ink Suede

I'm currently finishing up my last week at my current job. I can't believe I'm moving on yet again, I'm nervous but excited. I still am working plenty though... I got called in today and worked 12 hours, ugh, I am NOT going to miss this on-call nonsense.

I've been short on time lately so I thought I'd show you my favorite way for a quick but gorgeous mani--suede nail polish. I did this mani a week or so ago when I got home after 4am from yet another 12 hour shift. I was still in bed before 6am and also woke up with no mani damage. How I love a suede!

OPI Ink Suede
Ink Suede is a blurple suede polish with silver shimmer, I love the look of this so much. Suedes dry super fast and have this gorgeous matte shimmer. They are easy to apply, the formula is thick but stays right where you put it. Then the next day you can topcoat it for a whole new look!

Ink Suede came out in 2009 with several others which I would love to hunt down. I have suedes from a few different brands but OPI is the best--I think it's because of the pro-wide brush which makes it easier to apply a smooth coat.

I used a toothpick and dotted some nail glue where I wanted the studs and then stuck them on with tweezers. They stayed on really well! I only lost one when I was sleeping (I stuck one back on before going to work the next day) and I only lost one other in a fight with panty during the day haha!

Here is Ink with topcoat. Also gorgeous.

And here is a comparison. This was a weird shot to take, and you can see where I started to pull the studs off my other hand before I decided I needed to take this photo and put on a fresh coat.

Not everyone likes suedes, but I am for sure a fan. I need more suedes in my life! I wonder if different colored shimmer or lighter colors is possible...?

Have you ever tried suede nail polish? Any favorite suedes?
PSA: Your polish should be dry, never your cuticles. This message brought to you by Shelby Lou Nails.


  1. Love it, I've waffled back and forth on tracking down this polish for awhile, looks great on you, though!

    1. It is a must-have in my opinion! I was patient and waited for the right price, I got it for only $10 :-)


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