Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Box, Indied: The Deadly and the Beautiful

I know I've been regaling you all with my misadventures of body aches and pains, but I seriously can't catch a break. I was out sick on Thursday this week with laryngitis. Go me! I have felt awful all week, but I'm still very protective of my caseload at work and made myself go in yesterday. Anyway, again, legit reason for lack of posts...

Before May is over I thought I'd show you my favorites from this May's A Box, Indied. I get the box because I don't want to miss out on exclusive shades, and anything I don't like I can usually just get back what I paid for it on my blog sale (go look! I also have a cheapie cheap board).

The first, and my favorite, will come as no surprise: HARE polish The Blooming Desert. I love me some HARE! The Blooming Desert is a hot pink jelly with orange and white glitters as well as golden flakies and shimmer. I used three coats for my swatch, starting thin and building up coverage. HARE polish does have a learning curve for application, so if you're new to glittered jellies & crellies check out this post. My accent nail is Sephora by OPI Hi-Def with some pearls.

HARE polish
The Blooming Desert

Contrary Polish Darling Wildflower was a surprise favorite for me, as I am not usually a purple person. Darling Wildflower is a purple jelly with microflakies and microshimmer. I see golds, pinks, and reds making this one of those beautifully complex shimmers. I did a first thin coat, a second thicker coat, and a third generous coat. In the photos you can see a little VNL but it was much less noticeable in person. I couldn't resist adding an owl from Hex Nail Jewelry.

Contrary Polish
Darling Wildflower

I just looked and there are still May boxes available, go grab yours if you like what you see! June's A Box, Indied goes on sale Monday May 26th. If you can swing the cost, it is a super fun treat every month. I am already dying over the HARE and Jindie previews for June!

A Box, Indied

Have you loved your cuticles today?


  1. I love them so much! Plus I feel the need to hoard--I mean own all the HAREs haha

  2. That HARE is pretty fantastic.

    1. I love it to death! The white glitters look slightly pearly through the hot pink jelly.


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