Monday, May 19, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color: After The Rain & May Flowers

**Provided for honest review**

Yup, I'm still here. I thought last weekend was bad when I woke up and couldn't move... this weekend I pinched a nerve in my right arm and had this horrid shooting nerve pain keeping me from doing anything, including sleeping, for days. Last night I was also certain I was getting the flu only to wake up and feel fine (except for sore throat from allergies, but that's another story). Blah, anyway. Here are some long-overdue swatches from Polish Addict Nail Color (or PANC). You know I added a lil something to these swatches, too ;-)

First I have May Flowers, a glitter topper with pastel purple satin flowers and glitters in assorted shapes and sizes of purple, blue, teal, white, and yellow-green. I have it shown over OPI Eurso Euro, the dots on the accent nail are China Glaze Def Defying. I tried this topper over some lighter shades but all of the glitters just stood out the best to me against the darker color. The base is packed with glitter but easy to apply. I used one coat of the glitter and it painted it on like I was applying a color, if that makes sense. I did just a little fishing and dabbing for the flowers, which is the reality of big glitters. I only placed two but there are enough for more if you'd like. I also did a little dabbing for the green glitters which were more sparse and I wanted more green (because green!).

Polish Addict Nail Color
May Flowers
Shown over OPI Eurso Euro

The blue and green are actually colors of my teenage bedroom (navy and lime) so I am still loving this topper and mani!

After The Rain is an LE polish. I'm sorry to be showing you a limited edition, but hopefully this will help you to decide if you need to put out an ISO. There are also similarly formulated holo-glitter-jelly PANCs (such as Unicorn 2.2) for which this review would also apply. After The Rain is a blue holographic base with blue and gold flakies, iridescent glitters, and matte microglitters. After The Rain also reminds me a lot of Violets Are Blue, another beloved PANC of mine. Just look at all of the goodness going on in After The Rain *drool* I don't want my holos without flakies and glitter ever again. I added a gold Hex Nail Charm on top of my polish, but I didn't use any TC over it as this was for swatching purposes (I have a short review of Hex in this post here).

Polish Addict Nail Color
After The Rain (Limited Edition)

I have to admit I was confused by the formula at first and was a little like what-? when I was trying to apply it. I realized that I was going at this all wrong though--I wanted to think it was a metallic creme but it is definitely a jelly! So, once that confusion was over, and because jellies and I sometimes hate each other, I added a few drops of thinner to help me out and everything was fine after that (disclaimer: I am a thinner addict). The formula is easy to control, I did three coats (start thin and build up). I only did a quick cuticle sweep for clean-up. From the little clean-up I did do I can see this being a sparkle nightmare, I recommend painting carefully and the tin foil method for removal. Overall I'm so glad to have been able to review this baby.

Anyone else have thoughts on the holo-glitter-jellies from PANC?
Any polishes remind you of being a teenager?

Polish Addict Nail Color

Have you loved your cuticles today?


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