Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stamping in Color! with Zoya & Pueen

My body is still all out-of-whack since Sunday. One of the physical therapists I work with told me sleeping on your stomach leads to locked shoulders (what happened to me when I couldn't move on Sunday) and it will keep happening if I don't cut it out. I have been trying so hard to sleep on my back or my side but I just can't fall asleep like that. How do pregnant stomach-sleepers do this?? Maybe I need a body pillow...

I've been thinking it's time I start stamping with color! Whenever I try new nail art techniques I always make sure I do just an accent to ease myself into it so I don't flip out. I am easily frustrated people, which is hilarious because I love doing nail stuff, but I refuse to give up. When I first started stamping I'd do just an accent nail in a neutral color. Slowly I built up from two nails to a full manicure, but all still in neutral cremes and metallics. The Zoya Tickled Collection got me thinking though that it was time to stamp in color. The Tickled cremes are wonderfully thick and highly pigmented, which is the perfect formula for stamping polishes. I decided to use my favorite creme first, Wendy.

Stamping In Color!
Featuring Zoya Wendy & Pueen 61

Base: China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around (not a great formula, this never seems to dry on me and ends up wrinkling)
Stamp: Pueen Cosmetics plate #61
Stamping Polish: Zoya Wendy
Gold Accent: Color Club Striping Brush in Fine Gold (note to self, stripers are not to be confused with dotting tools). I feel the need to be embellishing my stamps lately, too.

Since stamping colors also can be stainers, I used a thin coat of Elmer's glue around my nails for easier clean-up. The Pueen image I used had very dainty lines so I made sure to paint the whole image and then scrape to ensure the lines were filled. Wendy was a great stamper. And umm... I do realize I used a neutral base. But I stamped with a color so I still say A for effort!

What color will you try stamping with next? Any other stomach sleepers out there?


Have you loved your cuticles today?


  1. I like how simple this stamping is! Its so delicate too :)

    1. Simple manis are the best: minimum effort, big enjoyment payoff!

  2. The gold is just perfect! It's retro cute. Now I really want Wendy.

    1. Retro was the word I was looking for the whole time and all I could think of was "vintage" and "fifties." My brain is broken.

  3. I love it! Even more reason to want the entire new Zoya line.

    I sleep on my stomach and my side, depending on the night. When I had surgery on my sinuses I had to sleep on my back, and it was awful, so I ended up getting one of those bowl-shaped chairs and sleeping in it. It made it so that I couldn't roll over. I stuffed it full of blankets and pillows, too, to help keep me face up.

    1. Thanks, girlie!
      You remind me that I do have a bowl-shaped chair at my parent's house still... you are a genius lol

  4. Wow! I love that!!! I really need to get more Zoya and stamping plates!

    That explains why I wake up with locked shoulders! I tend to sleep on my stomach a lot when I can't get comfortable!

    1. This collection of Zoyas are turning out to be great stampers! I started out stamping just two nails per mani and look at me now haha.
      And also I'm sort of glad someone understands my pain, but not glad you are also in pain sometimes :-/


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