Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zoya for Summer 2014: Tickled Collection

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I've got the second half of the Zoya summer collection today, Tickled! If you'd like to see the first half I reviewed, Bubbly, click here. Tickled is a highly pigmented bright creme collection that made me fall in love with cremes all over again. There are even some neon-like ones in here! These formulas and colors warrant individual attention so lets get to it.

Zoya Kitridge
Bright pink bubblegum creme
I I think Kitridge has some neon pigment in it! When I put it on it was SO BRIGHT. It reminded me of the neons China Glaze put out last year only with a fantastic formula, yay! It starts a bit streaky but covers evens at the third coat. Topped with a nice thick coat of Zoya Armor Top Coat to even it all out. Bonus: it makes my bad German self look tan! 

Zoya Rooney
Bright magenta creme
I had a hard time getting this one to photograph correctly. Rooney is actually a little darker and dustier in real life, but still very bright (just a smattering of neon juice maybe?) Lovely formula, I did two coats and a third thin coat, plus a thick coat of Zoya Armor. 

Zoya Wendy
"A juicy summer melon"
Wendy is without a doubt my favorite. It again reminds me of China Glaze neons but with a perfect formula instead of a crappy one! Three coats and a thick coat of Armor to completely smooth it out. Yum.

Zoya Rocha
A bright red-orange (or orange-y red?) creme
 Holy wow, Rocha! First off, paint carefully, this one is a stainer if I ever saw one. That aside, two thick coats and Armor make this shine. Can't decide if it's just bright or neon... either way this is literally fire on your nails.

Zoya Ling
A bright royal blue creme
Ling is so pigmented it feels bright but it's still a darker color... does that even make sense? Y'all must know what I mean though. Two thick coats for full coverage and a thick coat of Zoya Armor. 

Zoya Tilda
A bright "mantis green" creme
 I don't know how else to describe Tilda other than "mantis green." It is a green I always find myself looking for in the summer in my accessories and polish, so I love it! Doesn't make one too lobster-y either which is a bonus. I did two thick coats of this one for full coverage and a thick coat of Armor.

All of these cremes are gorgeous and a must for creme lovers. All of the colors truly look like they would be flattering on any skin tone. Make sure to use thicker coats and a nice thick coat of top coat for the lovely glossy finish. The formulas though made me remember why cremes can be as beautiful a choice as something shimmery. Which ones will you pick up for this summer?

Zoya Tickled

Have you loved your cuticles today?


  1. What a lovely collection of cremes! Like this a lot.

    1. I feel like I shouldn't be loving cremes this much, but I sure am!


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