Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixies for Summer 2014

*Provided for honest review*

Today I am reviewing Zoya's new Magical Pixies for this summer. Full disclosure: I hate the feeling of chalk, chalkboards, and terracotta as well as anything that may remotely feel like these things--including Pixies. I do have some Pixies in neutral colors to accent skittle manis... but that is for one nail max. The thought of wearing these as a whole mani freaked me out. But (for science!) I wore one of these as a full mani for a day so I could give you an honest review. I think you will be surprised at my final verdict!

All three of these polishes feature Zoya's "ultra-textured, matte, and holographic Magical Pixie formula." For my swatches I started with a thin first coat, as I do. I let this dry well and did a second regular coat followed by some more drying. For my third coat I found that painting mid-nail to the free edge and then from cuticle to mid-nail worked best to distribute the holo glitters and texture the best; otherwise they kind of all clumped at base. You can otherwise paint them on like a normal polish and it was surprisingly easy. I also know you're not supposed to use basecoat for these... I totally do though because I don't trust any polish on my bare nails! I know a lot of people who do the same thing and I feel like how I really wear stuff is an important part of my honest review.

Zoya Ginni
Ginni is a sweet pink Magical Pixie. I'm pretty sure this is what Glinda the Good Witch wears on her nails! If you look closely in my photos of this one you will see I wrapped my tips. Yeah... I would advise not wrapping your tips because it feels horrid and looks sloppy. For my other swatches gently I pushed the texture back from my free edge while it was still tacky with my finger.

Zoya Arlo
Arlo is a red-leaning violet Magical Pixie. If Glinda wears Ginni then the Wicked Witch wears Arlo. Which is totally fine with me. I wish I had this polish the last time I saw Wicked because it is that awesome. And unwrapped tips definitely looked and felt better.  

Zoya Bar
Bar is a golden-nude Magical Pixie. It made me want to go to the beach! This is the polish I decided to wear as a full mani for a day, and I could not deny its beauty. I stared at it all the time and waved my nails around in different light. I shoved them in my husbands face several times exclaiming things like "OMG look a them in the sun!" and "Wow aren't these So. Perfect.?!" I can't even punctuate my giddiness. 
The textured feeling only freaked me out a couple times, like when I grazed them against paper or stone (I was tile shopping with the hubs). Since scraping them against paper made me want to crawl out of my skin I know wearing a full Pixie mani to work is out of the question (lots of paper and files, eww). But I love how these look and would totally wear them on the weekend, I also have some nail art in mind... so all in all my verdict is yes, I like them.

So I want to know, for real: What do you truly think about the Zoya Pixies, Magical or otherwise? I realize it's not for everyone and that's okay. I also know some people love them and that's alright, too. Anyone else in between like I am?


Have you loved your cuticles today?


  1. I love these and want them now. There so pretty, chunky and sparkly. Great swatches of them.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I seriously can't get over the sparkle.

  2. I absolutely love how sparkly they are, but there is no chance I'd be able to wear a full mani with them. The texture is too extreme; I'm OCD and I constantly freak out about the texture of my fingerprints (don't ask)... and it'd ruin my entire day to feel my nails like that.

    1. Then feel free to admire the sparkle from afar :-)


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