Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twenty Minute Skittlette: Pure Ice Touch Me Softly & Essie Beyond Cozy

I had a wedding to go to this past Saturday. My nails and hands were in rough shape, so I decided to do a treatment Friday night (I used Sunny's Hand Cream from 365 Days Of Color and cotton gloves--works like a charm!). This meant I needed to do my nails Saturday and  fast.

I decided to use a suede which was pretty much a perfect match for my dress, Pure Ice Touch Me Softly. This one was part of the Velour line which came out this past holiday. I have several of the Velours and they are amazing! They were LE, but I hope they'll come out with more or you can snatch some up if you see them on a blog sale. I love a suede when I'm in a hurry--it dries fast and looks so sophisticated. They are also very easy to control and result in minimal clean-up.

I also used Essie Beyond Cozy for some accents. I was going for a quick gradient on the index finger but of course Beyond Cozy was too dense, so I had to kind of work it in. It looks a little crackle-y (which I kind of hate) but overall it was okay.
Then stuck a big ol' gold heart on my ring finger with nail glue. Hey, if you can't wear a giant heart to a wedding then when can you?
I took these photos after I got home and they held up really well! Every time I wear a suede I want to buy more suedes. It's sick.

Do you have a go-to quick cover mani?
Remember that moisturized hands and cuticles make the perfect canvas for your polish :-)

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