Sunday, October 6, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Queen Collection: We Will Rock You Skittlette

Darling Diva has recently come out with an epic nail polish collection inspired by Queen. Because, well, QUEEN. What can I say, my father instilled in me a healthy love and respect for awesome classic rock. Here is my skittlette homage to Queen.

Darling Diva Polish
We Will Rock You
Holographic Super Multi Chrome

I used two coats (yes, just two), no undies needed. I actually tried black undies for another polish in this collection and it did not look as nice at all. Anyway, imagine this even more epic in real life, there were so many colors and people noticed without me waving my nails in their face. I see blue, teal, purple, magenta, and rainbows. I stared at my nails all day. 

I think Queen would have approved of my studs and skull stamping, using Vivid Lacquer plate 001 and Pure Ice Silver Star. The silver pinky is textued using dance Legend Argentum. I am quite proud of these nails. Darling Diva even shared them on their facebook wall!

You can purchase Darling Diva Polish here. Hurry before the Queen polishes are gone! I promise they are worth every penny... I've already purchased them all.
You can purchase Vivid Lacquer plates and polish here. You will notice I use a lot of Vivid Lacquer plates, they are my favorite.

Have you loved your cuticles today?
What do you think of my Queen skittlette?


  1. This is so awesome! I absolutely LOVE it! :)

    1. Thank you! It is still one of my favorite looks. I can't quit that skull stamp.


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