Thursday, October 24, 2013

Colors by Llarowe: The Bald & The Beautiful

I hate to show you something that is no longer available, but I loved this mani so much I had to share it!
The Bald & The Beautiful was a duo from Colors by Llarowe to benefit St. Jude’s Hospital and in memory of Talia Joy. 100% of the proceeds from my purchase went straight to St. Jude as Llarowe donated the polish & supplies.

The individual polishes do not have names, so I think of the blue one as “The Bald” and the pink one as “The Beautiful.”

Colors by Llarowe “The Bald” reminds me of a deeper and darker version of Ninja Polish Mystic Glacier. It is SO stunning and the shimmer is completely magical in the sun. I can’t tell if the shimmer is just straight multi-colored or duochrome… all I know is I want it in all of my polish.

Colors by Llarowe “The Beautiful” is a pink tinted jelly with bright pink and holographic glitter. Make sure to click the pictures in order to get a closer look at the shimmery goodness.

I added some matching bright pink pearls to tie the colors together. I think this formula could apply to many combinations of colors: Glitter with matching pearls/studs/gleequins along with a contrasting creme/shimmer.

I loved wearing this mani, I think Talia would have approved.

What do you think about polishes for a cause?
Be as lovely outside as in, take care of your hands and cuticles J


  1. I love love this combo and I wish it was still available.

    1. This duo was definitely one of those polishes that when I finally put it on I wish I had worn it sooner!


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