Thursday, October 10, 2013

Llarowe's A Box, Indied for October 2013: Swatches & Review

Llarowe is a renowned indie stockist in the nail polish world and the single biggest reason for my credit debt. She recently came out with "A Box, Indied" which is a monthly indie offering of five unique polishes exclusive to the box. I tried to limit pictures as there are five polishes but this post is still picture-heavy!

A Box, Indied
October 2013

Jindie Nails - Screaming Halloween
3 coats OPI Fiercely Fiona
2 coats Screaming Halloween plus a little extra fishing and dabbing
1 thick coat CND Air Dry

Let me begin by saying I love Jindie. Not only does she make incredibly unique polishes, she is also a complete sweetheart! Unfortunately for me, this color makes me look like a zombie. I love the concept though, just look at the bottle shot, yum!

Any of you gals blessed with any significant amount of melanin (I swear I have none haha) would probably be able to pull this off with no problems.

Black Cat Lacquer - Came Back Haunted
1 coat China Glaze Liquid Leather
2 coats Came Back Haunted
1 coat CND Air Dry

This was my first experience with Black Cat Lacquer, no complaints here! This is a sheer black jelly with multi-colored shreds and holographic micro shimmer. I swatch in the middle of the night and my lightbox kills holos (sadness, I am working on a solution) so the holo shimmer actually looks simply multi-colored in my photos but I promise it's there. 

Make sure you shake the bottle well and turn it upside down for a bit as the larger shards are sink-y. I think this looks like shredded Halloween candy wrappers from a frantic sampling of trick-or-treat spoils haha. It also looks like confetti and I could see this for New Year's manis, too!

Polish Me To Go - Luna Verde
3 coats Orly Day Glow (white) and 3 coats China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada (accent)
2 coats Luna Verde, no topcoat

Polish Me To Go is also new for me. Luna Verde (love the name!) is a sheer lime green with silvery flakie shimmer. I had a hard time figuring out how to wear this. It is incredibly sheer so I wanted to try it like a topcoat and sort of by itself. It looks nice as a topcoat but the glow is very subtle. On the other hand it doesn't look that exciting over white, but the glow was incredible! I had no idea what I was doing while trying to photograph this in the dark, but I'll show my picture anyway so you can see the difference over dark verses light colors.

In person the glow was pretty awesome and not blurry like my crappy photos look, I'm sorry I couldn't do it justice. Glow-in-the-dark polishes are fun, but I only see them glowing for the few minutes before I fall asleep so I feel like the novelty is wasted on me.

Lacquerlicious - No Tricks, Just Treats!
Undies are China Glaze Gaga For Green, Sephora by OPI Hi Def, China Glaze liquid Leather, China Glaze Grape Pop
1 coat No Tricks, Just Treats! plus some fishing and dabbing
1 coat CND Air Dry

Another new brand for me! This polish is a Halloween glitter bomb, I couldn't even begin to list the glitters involved in this chaos so just refer to the bottle shot...

Wow! Anyway, I initially tried this over a light purple and a light peachy orange. All I will say it it looked awful and I recommend black or bold colors like I'm showing you now. I prefer it over the black and dark purple, I feel like it just looks like a mess over lighter colors.

Ethereal Lacquer - Devoured
3 coats Devoured
1 coat Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat (doesn't dull holos!)

Now this is what I'm talking about! Devoured is a very deep plum holographic polish. I know the holo market is pretty saturated right now but this is classy, sexy, vampy--the quintessential fall polish. I probably could have stopped at two coats, but I used three for photographic purposes. If you see anyone giving theirs up just throw your money at them and take it.

Surprisingly there are still October boxes and subscriptions available on Llarowe's website here. I think a lot of people passed because of the swatches, but there are some real gems in here. And really, can I NOT buy something that is exclusive and/or limited edition?! I do have the subscription and I hope to continue showing you the monthly offerings to either sign up yourself or track down just what you *need* from blogs and personal sales.

That was a lot for one post, thanks for sticking with me!
I hope you took some time while reading to moisturize those cuticles ;-)


  1. I love the green one, but im confused as to which is the paler more pastel green? And what do you moisturize your cuticles with?

    1. The green is very sheer and it is pale over light colors, as over the white. The accent nail is over a dark neon green so it looks darker :-)
      I use a lot of things on my cuticles! When I was doing these pictures I was using lotion from KBShimmer.


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