Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pahlish October 2013: Dark Carnival Duo

First off I must say, I LOVE PAHLISH. Okay, with that out of the way I will try not to say it one million more times in this post. Pahlish is in my top three favorite indies--I would say #1 but my three favs are tied! Shannon is an amazing polish genius. Her shimmers and glitters are complex and so unique in the polish world.

I have for you today The Dark Carnival Duo. Since April this year Pahlish has put out a monthly duo and, most recently, two monthly duos! I love (oops) these duos so hard, there are just no words. Everytime she previews them on her facebook page I am like, Pahlish makes me poor! Unfortunately I only have a picture of the polishes together, as this was my NOTD and I always wear my Pahlish Duos with the glitter gradient. I used KBShimmer Basic Training and one coat of Clearly On Top.

October 2013: Dark Carnival Duo

Tom Fury--"Deep olive jelly with a mix of red, charcoal, and taupe shimmering flakes" (Pahlish Store description)."

The Dust Witch--"Clear based topper with a mix of orange, olive, purple, and melon green metallic glitter including purple squares and melon green dots (Pahlish Store description)!"

Tom Fury had some application issues but we worked through it. It was much more sheer than I expected and also very thick and a little goopy. I already know I overwork my polish and of course I dragged my first coat right off. I ended up doing a first, very thin, crappy coat and then added a ton of thinner. I was concerned about how the second coat was going and added a little more thinner, but by the third coat everything was as you see it and gorgeous.

The Dust Witch is a flawless glitter topper, which I can safely say for all the Pahlish toppers I own. The glitter spread easily with no fishing. For my gradient I used just the brush itself. Of course now I see my less-than-stellar clean-up. Mr. Shelby Lou and I were watching Boardwalk Empire and I know he hates when I want the better light on.... he never says it but I kept it off since he was putting up with my swatching. The things you do for love!

You can purchase your very own duo at Pahlish's Big Cartel Shop.

Do you own any polish or will you be picking up this duo? The Dark Carnival Duo is available through the end of October. Another limited edition duo for October, The Great Pumpkin, is on its way to me now. I'm not sure if she only made one batch though or if will be restocking it. Get yours now before they are gone forever!

Don't forget the moisturize your cuticles!


  1. I don't own any Pahlish and I think it's about time I try them out. There are just so many amazing indie brands out there that I just don't have the time and money to try them all out. This duo looks amazing and you did a great job showcasing it.

    1. I agree--so many indies, so little time! I lose my mind everytime I see her new stuff and before I know it I'm stalking her Friday restocks. I have been trying to limit myself to the duos only... but apparently I have terrible self control.
      Thank you for your kind words :-)

      (And sorry, playing around with my comments....)


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