Monday, October 28, 2013

Different Dimension: Fall 2013 Holos

Holos have exploded in all their rainbow-y goodness on the indie market. Different Dimension came out with quite a few holos for this Fall and Halloween. DD was actually one of my first indie brand purchases. I remember seeing some swatches and reading a review on a blog, and I decided to try them because there was a coupon code. I still remember thinking it was SO MUCH money haha! Now I'm like $10 for a bottle? That is so reasonable!

Formula: I used 3 coats for all of these. I probably could have done just two coats, but I did add a thin third one just to make sure they were good for the photos. I did not need any black undies or special basecoat, I just used my CND Sticky which was closest at hand.

Photo notes: I take my photos in a light box with two halogen bulbs and a fluorescent light. There was some natural light when I took these in my dining room (my dining room table is a photo studio, it makes the room look lovely...). I can’t depend on sunlight where I live so for the sake of consistency I’m sticking with the lightbox. The holo effect was still pretty strong and was even more so in the sun when I wore them! Here are my holo picks.

3 coats, 1 coat HK Girl Topcoat

I somehow did not have any brown holos in my stash so this was a welcome addition. It's the color of a latte, yum. I daresay this could be work appropriate!

3 coats, no topcoat

Fuchsia holo. Not a unique color and I realized I did dupe myself, but still a great polish. I’m keeping this one and passing on the similar color I had.

Nessie’s Revenge
3 coats, no topcoat

 So I pretty much love all the greens and this is no exception. Perfect grass-green holo. Get it. I wore this with some gold studs and it was awesome!

You can purchase Different Dimension polishes and find a stockist near you on their etsy site here. Looks like all of these and Dueling Unicorns (a purple holo) are all in stock as we speak!

Do you remember the old days of indies before all the crazy restocks? Are you feeling any holo burnout?


  1. Wow, I'm not usually one for brown but I really like this one.

    1. Me too! I think the brown is so amazing because it has rainbows in it ;-)


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